‘Impressive’ quality of coffee, great pricing at Coffee Nerd in Conway

The exterior of Coffee Nerd in Conway. Photo by Emily Smith for The Surge.
The exterior of Coffee Nerd in Conway. Photo by Emily Smith for The Surge.

Setting the Table

Coffee is a college students’ best friend, and luckily for them there are plenty of nerds out there willing to share their passion of this magical drink with first editions and never before seen originals.

Coffee Nerd is a hop, skip, and a jump away from the college and right next to the Conway Medical Center in a building that used to be a bank. This means that while the interior is a little small, it looks classy, and most importantly still has a functional drive thru for all your to-go caffeine needs.

This café is fairly young with a few weeks of experience under its belt, but has already become a spot frequented by students and local workers. Students sit, huddled over their books, while employees from the nearby offices and medical center bustle in and out, eager to have some coffee and lunch.

Down the Hatch

In case the name wasn’t a giveaway, the Coffee Nerd’s special attack is, well, coffee. Those needing a shot – or four – of caffeine to get through the day would want to try The Crowbar. If you’re interested in a change of pace, try their smooth Nitro Cold Brew that pours from a tap and looks like a beer, but is most definitely a strong cup of coffee.

Your basic drinks are there in full, including hot teas, chai lattes, and coffee with different roasts and flavors. There are specialty drinks as well, like their gourmet lattes flavored with Ghirardelli and the Red Bull Slushy.

Breakfast food is available throughout the day, although it is possible for the little café to run out of breads (like the popular croissant). They are willing to mix things up as well, should guests prefer wheat bread over a panini.

The Napa Chicken, for instance, originally comes on a croissant but goes just as well with any other bread. The dried cranberries and walnuts mixed with the chicken was a winning combination, and the southwest bean salad as a side changed things up with a spicy kick.

Check, Please

The prices are decent here at the Coffee Nerd, at least in comparison to other places. The quality of coffee is definitely impressive and strong with enough variety in a location near many businesses and college students. It’s easy to see this café serving a regular flow of customers.

For a sandwich and small cup of Nitro Brew, the check was just under $12. A specialty drink, depending on the size, can be close to $5, and breakfast meals range from $3.25 to $5.25.

Coffee Nerd opens daily at 6:30 a.m., which gives plenty of time for most students and workers to stop by before getting their day started. Celebrate your nerdy side and love of coffee until 6 at night when the Coffee Nerd shuts down for the night to rejuvenate and prepare more of that magical brew.

If you eat

What | Coffee Nerd

Where | 182 Waccamaw Medical Center Ct, Conway

Info |, 843-347-9393