Caring for winter skin

By Stephanie Bouzounis

For The Surge

When the air gets the least bit cold, skin gets dry. It’s a known fact. Here are two brands that are worth incorporating into your routine.

Ceramidin by Dr. Jart – I discovered this brand through Birchbox, but its products are available at your local Sephora. It runs a pretty penny, but nothing will heal the worst dry and chapped lips better than Ceramidin Cream. According to, this cream is “enhanced with a megadose of ceramides—the lipid molecules found lacking in severely dry skin—this derm-developed cream provides prescription-quality relief for eczema and redness, as well as for garden-variety (but still frustrating) dryness.” At night after I remove my makeup with Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin Wipes and Simple’s Micellar Water, I use the Ceramidin liquid to seal in moisture. It never irritates my skin, which is a plus. The best bet is to try and find the Ceramidin Cream & Liquid duo pack for around $30 because you get a lot of product for an affordable price.

Drops of Youth by The Body Shop – In interest of full disclosure, I was contacted by a rep of The Body Shop to try their Drops Of Youth line. I was sent five products: Youth Essence Lotion, Youth Concentrate, Youth Cream, Youth Eye Concentrate, and Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. I’ve been using the Youth Essence Lotion and Youth Eye Concentrate in my morning routine, prior to applying my moisturizer with SPF, which is Simple’s Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. I was really impressed with how quickly the products dried and didn’t seem to clog my pores. On particularly cold days where temps were below freezing, my skin did not flake or dry. So, I would definitely look to purchasing this product in the future. According to the promotional materials sent to me, these products are infused with plant stem cells including: edelweiss, sea holly, and crest marine.