On the International Drive debate: Worry about bears or people?

It seems like every time we changed the channel this week, the debate was about bears and roads, specifically bears in the Lewis Ocean Bays area and International Drive, which will connect the busy Carolina Forest area with S.C. 90.

Proponents of the road say they want the road built for safety reasons and opponents say we’re destroying the natural habitat for bears. So it begged the question for us: Who should we care more about, the bears or the people?

The bears

Much like any animal, the bears need a voice and they find a voice in organizations like the Coastal Conservation League. We live in a naturally beautiful area (just look at all the Yankees this place has attracted), and it’s important we preserve as much of the area that we can to maintain the homes for many animals, including the bears.

Don’t cut corners. Build tunnels for the bears to cross International Drive safely, and let’s do our part to help give animals of Horry County a voice.

The people

Look, we have real residents out along S.C. 90 who were promised a road (International Drive), and government should deliver. It is government’s responsibility to provide reliable infrastructure for the safety and convenience of its residents.

Emergency vehicles and personal vehicles would be able to get to Conway Medical Center much quicker in the event of an emergency if International Drive was built and not interferred with.

This whole fight for the bear argument is ridiculous. Aren’t we talking about 10 bears? If we worried about every living thing in Horry County, nothing would have been built and government would be slower than it already is.