Blue Light Special | Toddler in car at adult toy store and learning ‘The Punch’ dance move

Report: Couple leaves toddler in cold car while shoplifting lingerie

In this week’s “Parents of the Week” segment, we go live to the parking lot of Priscilla McCall’s where a toddler was left in the car so that the parents could buy some much-needed lingerie for mommy and daddy time.

Child cruelty accusation aside, the couple also were caught shoplifting said lingerie. Which is understandable, they couldn’t afford a babysitter, what makes you think they could afford lingerie? Priorities, people.

Myrtle Beach police said 24-year-old Amanda Savage and 26-year-old Gary Savage went into Priscilla McCall’s lingerie store around 11 p.m. where they were caught shoplifting. Police said they also found the couple’s toddler in the car. He wasn’t driving however, according to reports.

Since the couple left the toddler in the cold car, police charged both Gary and Amanda with child cruelty.

Man beaten at Myrtle Beach club, suspect flees scene

One man was assaulted early Sunday morning at a Myrtle Beach dance club. Myrtle Beach Police reports say the victim was dancing and was punched in the head several times, in a dance-off that turned ugly.

Officers responded to the club located at 2701 South Kings Highway in reference to an assault call around 1 a.m. Feb. 14.

The victim told police he was dancing on the dance floor and the suspect came up and punched him in the head three times and he didn’t do anything to provoke the suspect from punching him. He was reportedly doing “The Carlton,” so that claim was refuted.

Reports say one witness said he was near the victim and saw the suspect punch him in the head, he then pulled the suspect off the victim and the suspect fled the scene.

Other witnesses say the suspect was doing a new dance craze known as “The Punch,” which requires the dancer to flail their arms about in the air in a punching manner and shake their fists vigorously.

The witness told police the suspect goes by the name of ‘Kaleb,’ and is reportedly a “dancing machine.”

Kaleb is described as a white male between the age of 21-22, 135-140 pounds, 5’10-6’0 tall, and very stylish.

Police looking for suspects after rash of Pine Lakes area break-ins

Myrtle Beach police are asking for the public’s help in identifying suspects wanted in connection with a string of home burglaries and car break-ins in the Pine Lakes area, two of which happened the morning of Feb. 12.

Officers were called about 8 a.m. to the 5900 block of Woodside Avenue in the Pine Lakes area where a 51-year-old man and woman reported their garage door was opened, their 12 gauge shotgun and 9 mm gun were both missing, and the woman’s purse had been moved and looked through, according to a police report.

Police also responded about 9 a.m. Feb. 12 to the 5700 block of Country Club Drive where a 48-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman reported a gun was missing from their home after the man surprised a suspect he saw in his garage.

The man told police he was in bed about 1 a.m. when he was awoken by his security alarm. He grabbed his gun and headed toward the garage where the alert was sounding and saw the garage door open and a figure standing in the entrance, according to a police report.

The man yelled for the intruder to get out of his home, and the alleged burglar ran out through the backyard and climbed a fence where police believed two suspects entered. The man told authorities the missing gun had been taken from a bathroom that’s outside of his home, officers said.

Police warned that extreme caution should be used as the suspects are believed to be armed with weapons they’ve allegedly taken. Clearly.

Anyone with information on their identities, whereabouts, or other information can call the Myrtle Beach Police Department at 843-918-1382.

Anyone with a garage full of weapons and ammunition are encouraged to call, too.

Authorities also encourage residents to take safety measures, such as locking their homes and vehicles and ensuring vehicles are parked in properly lit areas, and not keeping weapons and ammunition in your garage, officers said. Well. that last part we made up.

Blue Light Special is a roundup of the Myrtle Beach area’s weird and wild crime, written with a saracastic and/or humorous twist. It is meant as a parody. Don’t take it too seriously; we don’t.