Beauty Inside & Out | Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Pixi Pink

By Stephanie Bouzounis

For The Surge

This is a quick lil’ review of Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Pixi Pink that I got a couple of Birchboxes ago. I’m gonna hit on three main points:

1. Moisture – It provides equal moisture as EOS’ lip balm. Mid-level. Not bad, but certainly not long lasting like Burt’s Bees or Chapstick Hydration Lock. Perhaps it has something to do with it also being a color lip balm?

2. Color – Speaking of, I really like this pink. It’s brighter than a pastel but soft enough to where I won’t look like I’m going to a rave. (Do the kids still call it a rave? Curious.) The color lasts all day, too. Even if the moisture may wan, my lips still look pink-ish.

3. Scent – It smells cocoa-y and warm, like Hawaii. I live near the beach so the scent of shea butter or cocoa butter appeals to me.

This balm came through in a pinch, especially since I have a bad habit of losing my latest Burt’s Bees on hand. Kudos to Birchbox for sending a full-size sample as well.

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