Blue Light Special | Car shot, son shot, gunman shot with his own gun

Myrtle Beach man charged with felony DUI in crash that sent 5 people to hospital

A Myrtle Beach overachiever remains with a $30,500 bond in connection to two separate North Myrtle Beach car crashes that sent five people to the hospital.

Gerald Carl Sudman, 60, is charged with felony driving under the influence, hit and run, open container violation and two counts of no driver’s license, according to jail records. Looks like Mr. Trump just lost a vote.

Sudman was booked into J. Reuben Long Detention Center Thursday and remains jailed on a $30,500 bond, according to jail records.

North Myrtle Beach police responded to 37th Avenue South on Wednesday in reference to a hit and run where witnesses said the driver fled the scene, according to a police report. Not satisfied with the amount of carnage he had already inflicted, while responding to the first collision officers were called to a second crash at 8th Avenue South and Highway 17 northbound involving the same vehicle.

When officers arrived at the second accident witnesses said Sudman “stumbled out of the vehicle where he laid down on the curb,” which was probably the best course of action at that time. Officers found Sudman still lying on the sidewalk with a “very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage” on his breath, police said. Some say he was drinking.

One officer gave Sudman several sternum rubs and he eventually woke up, grabbed the officer by her neck and said, “you’re in grave danger,” the report said. He then pulled out a picture of Edward Furlong and asked pointedly, “Have you seen this boy?” before absorbing her shape and stealing her squad car and chasing after Arnold Schwarzenegger on a motorcycle. Or something like that.

Sudman was transported to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center where he was treated for his injuries. Medical staff told police Sudman had a strong odor of alcohol and they “believed him to be very intoxicated,” police said. They weren’t wrong.

Police found an open can of Steel Reserve beer “in plain sight” in the center console of Sudman’s car, and Sudman’s wallet only contained a valid South Carolina identification card – no driver’s license, the report said. Really all you need to get hammered on Steel Reserve beer is an identification card.

Four other people were taken to the hospital and treated for injuries, and one passenger had a fractured thoracic vertebra which required immediate surgery, the report said. The injury caused “protracted loss and impairment of the function of a body member,” so Sudman's DUI charge was amended to a felony DUI, police said.

Several witnesses told police Sudman, who was driving a black Cadillac, was speeding on Highway 17 just before hitting the second vehicle. Two witnesses said they had to swerve into the median to avoid being rear-ended by Sudman’s car when it swerved across three lanes of traffic and hit the second vehicle, the report said.

Witnesses pulled over to help the victims when they saw two children climbing out the back seat because the two adults in the front seat were trapped, the report said. A second witness said Sudman passed him at “well over 100 mph” and almost hit two other vehicles, the report said.

A warrant was issued to retrieve the toxicology reports indicating Blood Alcohol Concentration levels and any narcotics found in Sudman’s blood at the time of his admission to the hospital.

Gunman shot with own gun in attempted armed robbery, police say.

A gunman was hospitalized Saturday night after being shot with his own gun in an attempted armed robbery, according to police.

And the nominee for worst armed robber ever is…THIS GUY.

North Charleston police responded shortly before 7 p.m. to Sumner Avenue after receiving a report about the shooting, police spokesman Spencer Pryor said. Their first order of business was making sure the assailant wasn’t Plaxico Burress. It wasn’t.

The alleged victim told investigators that three young males had approached him after he walked out of his home. One of the suspects had a silver revolver, the victim reported, and they demanded money.

The victim grabbed the weapon and a struggle ensued. The victim managed to shoot the gunman in the left thigh, Pryor said.

"You had ONE job,” they exclaimed as they fled the scene.

The wounded suspect, a juvenile, was transported to Medical University Hospital.

Pryor said the suspect is charged with armed robbery, possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime, and possession of a firearm by a juvenile and was transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The shooting remains under investigation, Pryor said.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers at 843-554-1111. Charleston Post and Courier

Kingstree mom, 65, charged with killing son in shooting

Authorities say a 65-year-old woman shot and killed her son after the two argued in their Kingstree home.

Williamsburg County deputies said officers called to the house found Phyllis Owens holding a bloody cloth over a gunshot wound to her 30-year-old son’s upper right chest around 7 p.m. Saturday. Authorities say George Mixon III died on the way to the hospital.

An incident report says Owens initially told officers she accidentally shot her son with a 20-gauge shotgun. How you accidentally do anything with a 20-gauge shotgun is beyond me, but maybe not holding a 20-gauge shotgun during an argument would be a good PSA we should put together. An arrest warrant says mother and son were having a heated argument before the shooting. What they were arguing about wasn’t disclosed. Maybe it started something like this:

“Hey mom, why are you holding that shotgun?”

Owens is charged with murder. Court documents didn’t show if she had a lawyer, and a person who answered a phone number listed on her booking sheet immediately hung up.

Deputies: Andrews man charged with shooting wife’s car

An Andrews man was arrested, deputies said, days after he shot his wife’s car to keep her from leaving after an argument. Reasonable, and effective.

On Monday, Jan. 25, Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Travis Anthony Ward, 31, one day after they were asked to escort his wife from their home.

According to the GCSO incident report, Ward’s wife’s father called deputies and asked for their help escorting his daughter from the house. Deputies said the father told them his daughter was afraid to leave after her husband, whom he identified as Ward, shot her car while she was trying to leave. Excellent reason to be afraid of someone.

They then accompanied the wife’s mother and father to the address, deputies said, where they met the wife, who also told them Ward shot her car while she was trying to leave.

Deputies said they saw what appeared to be multiple bullet holes on the hood of a white Nissan Altima in the driveway. They added there was also a bullet hole in the windshield. The car was ruled dead on the scene.

After bringing the wife to the Andrews substation to record her statement, deputies said, the wife told them that, on Jan. 23, she and Ward had been arguing over “small things,” but that the argument turned physical. She told them she had punched him in the face, (always a good move) and Ward had slapped her in return.

The wife told them she then got in her car to leave, deputies said, but Ward followed her outside, reached into the driver’s side door and opened the hood. From there, she said, he moved to the front of the car and fired several rounds into the engine. The wife said the hood closed itself, deputies said, but Ward continued to shoot. She added one of those shots went into the windshield, deputies said, and that she felt “like it went right past her.”

Other cars are assured not to worry, as this appears to be a lone act of carslaughter.

She continued, deputies said, saying that Ward’s parents and grandparents then came outside after hearing the gunshots. Ward’s mother arranged for her to stay with a friend, the wife said, and asked her not to contact law enforcement. The wife added she waited a day before telling her parents, deputies said, out of fear that something else would happen and the situation would get worse.

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