PCP | Who has the upper edge — the Panthers or the Broncos?


Well, the scene has been set. Seventeen weeks of yelling at the screen, eating fattening food and drinking more on a Sunday than the law should allow, and the big game is just around the corner.

Our Panthers; their Broncos. Given the season is mostly over, the hype has just begun. Grayin’ Peyton versus Hot Damn Cam. Who has the upper edge entering the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl?

It’s all Broncos

Defense and experience wins Super Bowls. Sure all the glory goes to the quarterback and the crazy receptions their wide receivers make to get in the end zone. But, when all is said and done, football is a mental game and a clock game. Brawn and speed are the the “Hollywood” of the NFL, but the reality of the sport is mentally having control and physically having control of the clock.

The Broncos have both — the defense to stifle the Panthers and the composure to handle the game for what it’s worth — simply a game.

It’s all Panthers

Is there any question? These guys lost one game all season. Sure they had their ups and downs, but it shows how this team can work together to accomplish what it needs to get done in 60 minutes. Their momentum and adrenaline are aligned perfectly to take on any team during crunch time.

Cam is at the pinnacle of his young career and he’s having plenty of fun with the sport he’s great at. And that’s not even including Kuechly, Josh Norman, Greg Olsen, and the rest of this fantastic roster. Carolina: this is the year it happens and the Broncos just happen to be the victims!