Point counter point | If you won Powerball, would you give notice to your employer?

Our office was clamoring with talks of the ‘What if’ as the Powerball hit $1 billion. One billion dollars! It is very difficult to fathom that, but we tried.

Just who would you give to? Would you really vanish? Buy more cars and property than you need? How about work? Not would you continue to work, but would you give them notice?

Yes, it’s right to give them notice

Regardless of whether you’re a president of a corporation or have a job that’s part of an assembly team, others, besides your boss, rely on you. Two-week notice used to be for an employer to find your replacement; now it’s for your co-workers to devise a way to divide your work until/if a replacement is found.

Keep your billion dollar secret a secret, but at least give work the proper two-week notice before drafting plans on what to do with your winnings.

No, get out of there quickly.

WHAT?! Is there even a question? You don’t owe work shit, much like they don’t owe you anything when they fire you or lay off workers.

Two week notice? They’re lucky if they get 2 seconds of a memory.

As the dollar signs take over your eyeballs, don’t even answer when they call to ask where you are. And if you accidentally answer the phone, sing ‘Take this job and shove it,’ in your most hillbilly twangy voice. Afterall, you’re a billionaire with a ‘B’ BOSS!