Trying indie makeup company Lunatick Cosmetics

By Stephanie Bouzounis

For The Surge

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs eyeshadow palatte packaging.
Lunatick Cosmetic Labs eyeshadow palatte packaging.

Instead of putting money in the pockets of big name makeup companies, I’ve been on a recent mission to support indie makeup companies. Whether it’s Jeffree Star’s liquid to matte lipsticks, or nail lacquers by Aussie company Pretty Serious, I’m down for the little man.

Lunatick Cosmetics is a company I came across via a Tumblr blog for vegan makeup. I needed a new palette anyway, so I was stoked to see a collection of nude colors in a funky design. AND, it was affordable. Something for $35 as opposed to anything by Urban Decay for close to $60? Heck yes.

I purchased their Supernatural palette. The colors in the swatch from top to bottom are the colors in the palette from left to right. The left part of the color is with no primer, and the right side is with Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer. Invocation is the first color and is a shimmer that would work well as a highlighter shade. It has a lavender tone to it. Myth is the second color in the palette and has a light pink tint to the white-nude shade. Spook is a matte, deep burgundy red. Reincarnation is a brownish purple matte shadow. The darkest shade in the palette is Ghoulight. It’s a matte shadow that initially looked black to me when it was applied, but there are tones of deep plum.

These shadows are well worth the buy. I was very happy with the colors and the cost. They last all day when used with a primer, and not to mention, the packaging is awesome! I love the spooky Halloween theme.

This palette is available at: