Grand Strand Fashion | New Year, New Wardrobe

By Rebecca Robertson

For The Surge

Once the hastiness of the holidays dies down and the quiet of winter sets in, one can easily find themselves in a slump. Instead of spending hours lying around and binging on Netflix, take the time to revise your wardrobe and create a fresh look for the New Year.


Pick through your closet and be honest with what you find. Haven’t worn an item in a month? Or all winter/fall/summer/spring? Then ditch it. Is the item worn out or have holes? Toss it. No longer fits? Out it goes!

Just as you’re creating resolutions for the New Year, resolve to do the same with your wardrobe- out with the old and in with the new. Removing old and used pieces allows you to take a fresh look at what you have and to figure out what pieces you can shop for to create a new, more defined style.

Consign or Donate

Once you’ve edited your wardrobe, examine the pieces and separate them by condition. If you have clothing and accessories that are in good condition, donate them to charity organizations, like Goodwill or Salvation Army, to help those in need in the Grand Strand area.

Or, if you have lightly used designer duds that might re-sell, try your hand at one of the several area consignment shops, which will sell your clothes and accessories for a fee. Check with the businesses for more information regarding their procedures and agreements.


Once you’ve cleared the unnecessary excess from your wardrobe, now you can shop for a few new pieces to start the year afresh. Whether it’s a trendy piece, like a an off-the-shoulder top for spring, or a classic must-have, like a crisp, white oxford shirt, you’ll have a more room for creating your style for 2016.