Point/Counterpoint: Is there anything young women can learn from Hollywood’s starlets these days?


For anyone attuned to pop culture, it’s hard to go a day without hearing about one of the Kardashians, or Disney’s daughters of disaster — Cyrus and company.

Gone are the days of wanting to learn a routine or get a bob-cut like gymnast Mary Lou Retton, drinking tea with your pinky up like Princess Diana, and no more singing into the hairbrush to Debbie Gibson and Tiffany or spraying your hair up like the then-risque Madonna.

Now it’s suction-cupping lips for a more fuller set like Kylie (Kardashian) Jenner or coming in like a wrecking ball a la Miley Cyrus. With the over saturation of these characters on TV, in newspapers and magazines, as well as social media, there’s no getting around their influence. So the question is: Can young women learn anything from the Cyrus, Kardashian and Jenner clans or naw?

Yes, they can

Individuality and confidence are two things that makes us who were are, and Miley and Kylie are two examples of thos two traits. Young women should look to these women who are not afraid of what people have to say about them. If Miley wants to grow out her underarm hair, which she has, then she does it. Who is it harming and who is going to tell her no? No one. It’s the type of non-destructive confidence and individuality I would want for my daughter.

Sure I would not want my daughter to emulate every decision Miley and Kylie has made, but I also wouldn’t want to emulate all of mine either.

No, they cannot

Are you kidding me? The young girls these days leave nothing to the imagination. Miley Cyrus has been naked on the cover of a magazine. Kylie Jenner has altered her body to push what she thinks is sexy.

My daughter will know confidence, as taught by her mother, an aunt or an older sister. We don’t need oversized teddy bears and oversized booties to let my child know how to be an individual.

These young women all over social media and TV have been pimped out to sell music, TV, beauty products and more. To say they can teach young women anything that is wholesome is utterly ridiculous.