Should police face charges in shooting of 12-year-old with toy gun?

Tamir Rice was the 12-year-old shot by police officer Timothy Loehmann in Cleveland in November 2014 with a pellet gun in hand, and shortly after Christmas this year, prosecutors in that area said neither Loehmann or his partner will face charges.

Sure there are intricate details in the case, but again we’re hearing of police officer shootings in the news. Officer Friendly has become shoot now, ask questions later. So the question we ask is: Was Officer Loehmann justified in his actions?

Yes, he was

Loehmann, much like every sworn police officer across America, has taken an oath to protect and serve the people of their jurisdiction. If he feels as though the public, or himself, is in danger, he’s been professionally trained to handle situations like the one with Tamir RIce.

By no means is this to glorify the killing of Rice, but more so support for the officer’s actions, as backed by a prosecutor who examined the intricacies of the case.

This tragedy could have been avoided if Rice had not taken the bright orange marker off the gun, and listened to officers promptly when he had the toy in hand.

No, he was not

What in this world will it finally take for our society to realize our police have lost patience and have become trigger happy? Will they have to shoot a celebrity? A politician? A sports figure? Who?

A major overhaul is needed to ensure we have police officers on the street who are there to serve and protect and not shoot and resolve. Police officers have a hard job out there and it takes a special cut to do the job day-in and day-out. But just because I have a good knowledge of the rules of the road doesn’t mean that I’d make a good cop. It’s not for everyone, and Loehmann is just one officer who proved that.

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