Columnist reviews aluminum-free deodorant

By Stephanie Bouzounis

For The Surge.

I’ve been trying to be very conscious about the beauty products I use, from being cruelty free to natural to budget friendly. It’s hard! One of the things I’ve been doing the past year is using aluminum free deodorant. From LUSH’s Greeench and Guv’ner, to Tom’s and Naturally Fresh, I’ve tried them all.

Tom’s of Maine Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine has a few varieties including apricot scent, but I chose the unscented aluminum-free deodorant. It smells vaguely citrusy to me, just like the kind of base scent all “natural” or hippie stuff seems to smell like. It’s like in the Conscious Beauty Scent Gallery there’s either patchouli or lemon as your choices. How about jasmine? Or lavender? Ah, anyway, it’s a solid bar that leaves no white residue. That’s a plus. However, IT DOESN’T WORK. Although I don’t feel like I’m smelly to other people when I use it, my clothes definitely STINK after I get home.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal

As far as Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, it’s a roll on. It goes on clear but wet. There isn’t much of a scent that I’ve noticed. But, like with Tom’s, it sadly doesn’t work. The only two options that ever stopped the scent for me were LUSH’s powdered deodorants Guv’ner and Greeench. Guv’ner leaves green stains, however, so that’s a bummer. Greeench is a white, lemon-y powder, so no stains. The only downside is if you don’t live near a LUSH store, you have to order it, which takes like two weeks to get to you if you’re on the East Coast. They can also be a bit pricy compared to Tom’s or Naturally Fresh.