Is making a resolution worth it?

New year, new me. Or is it?

So the New Year’s resolutions will be coming out soon: Losing weight, saving more money or eating healthy. With the way it’s set up, including a scheduled motivation day after the exhausting holidays, we ask: Is making a New Year’s resolution even worth it?

Yes it is worth it

Great successes in life come with great planning and a feasible start date. A new year marks a new beginning — a way to erase the difficulties of the past year and look forward to new successes.

A New Year’s resolution allows you to create a blueprint for the new year that usually addresses a concern from the previous year. So yes, making resolutions are worth it and can provide structure and really come handy given the hectic lives many of us lead.

No it is not

If you need to make changes, why wait?

Something that you know you should be doing to better your life or those around you should be done now, not because Jan. 1 is coming around. Those things worth changing should be done in a timely fashion to ensure both a better you for yourself and those you associate with.

If you have to wait until a certain day, perhaps a resolution right now should be to stop procrastinating.