Blue Light Special | Sunny side down as two get egged in Myrtle Beach; TV stolen from apartment commons

Myrtle Beach man arrested for criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping, and spreading the joy of Christmas

Myrtle Beach police arrested a man Dec. 19 in connection to a sexual offense that happened earlier in the week.

Christopher Michael Arbogast, 48, of Myrtle Beach, was arrested on charges of kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct 1st degree.

Needless to say, the date did not go well.

On Thursday, December 17, police found a 41-year-old woman laying down in the middle of the road in the 700 block of Seaboard Street.

The woman told police that she was the victim of a crime that occurred at a nearby storage shed, 2015’s version of “Makeout Point.”

The victim was then transported to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center. Police are still investigating.

Less than Egg-selent news

Myrtle Beach police investigated two reports on Saturday of passengers throwing eggs from a truck. Or maybe, GIFTING eggs for the holidays. Really, who’s to say.

The first act of generosity happened around 7 p.m. along the 5000 block of Robert Grissom Parkway.

The victim reported that as a white Tacoma passed her, passengers in the vehicle gifted her about five eggs at her car, according to the police report. The suspects apparently cried out, “MERRY EGGS-MAS!”

The second holiday egging event happened to a man walking his dogs at about 7:30 p.m.

The victim was walking his dogs in the 7300 block of North Ocean Blvd when two men gave gifts of eggs and more eggs from the back of their [sleigh] truck.

One of the eggs hit the victim in the between the eyes and broke into his eyes, according the report. Come on, mean or not that’s pretty impressive. Egg to the eyes from a distance at a high rate of speed? Don’t be shocked if Nike comes calling.

The description of the vehicle was similar in both incidents. Police continue to investigate.

Conway police searching for suspects who stole TV

Police are searching for two suspects who “Grinched out” and stole a television from Coastal Club Apartments last week.

Officers responded to Coastal Club Apartments located at 630 S.C. 544 in Conway around midnight on December 10 in reference to a larceny. Witnesses told police two suspects went into the common area of the office and stole a large television. One looked very green and ran on his tiptoes, while the other appeared to be a small dog with a single antler attached to his head.

The suspects may have left the area in a white in color Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon, according to Lt. Selena Small with Conway police. Or they may have left in a big red sleigh, overflowing with Christmas trees, lights, and various other decorations. It’s anyone’s guess.

Blue Light Special is a roundup of the Myrtle Beach area’s weird and wild crime, written with a saracastic and/or humorous twist. It is meant as a parody. Don’t take it too seriously; we don’t.