Happy Hour Heaven | Suck Bang Blow is the place to go on the South Strand

The exterior of Suck Bang Blow in Murrells Inlet. Photo by Kelly Fuller for The Surge.
The exterior of Suck Bang Blow in Murrells Inlet. Photo by Kelly Fuller for The Surge.


▪ Suck Bang Blow


▪ 3393 Highway 17 Business, Murrell Inlet


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A popular spot for bikers continues to hum with activity, even in the middle of winter.

Usually, the location has a live band on Sundays, said manager Bill Barber. The active location never slows down, with fundraisers, a Donald Trump rally and pool tournaments planned for the future. The Bikers for Donald Trump rally is planned for 3 p.m., Dec. 19.

The location has just been named the official Bikers for Donald Trump headquarters. The Suck Bang Blow has also collected toys for needy children, has plans to induct more people into the Biker Hall of Fame and celebrate its 20th anniversary this summer.

The business, known as the original Suck Bang Blow, has expanded to include a T-shirt and biker apparel shop. The shop includes clothes for men, women and children. The playground, located in back, has a burnout pit and at least 19 bars that crank up in the summer months.

A building in the back is available for weddings and banquets.

The busy kitchen is named after the Sandwich Castle, which the founder of Suck Bang Blow, Jimmy Motley, once ran in Murrells Inlet. Motley runs the present kitchen and offers a wide range of home-cooked menu items.

Plenty of beer choices are available at the Suck Bang Blow. Angry Orchard, Blue Moon, Ice House, Newcastle, Rolling Rock, Sam Adams and Yuengling are available. Shooters, cocktails and wine are also sold at the Suck Bang Blow.

The Moscow Mule, Bloody Texan and Murrells Inlet Mix are just a few of the cocktails available at the Suck Bang Blow.

Happy hour is 4 to 7 p.m., weekdays.

The bar gives discounts on Fireball, vodka, rum and the shot of the day. The discounts can give $1 off the daily specials, or $2 Miller and Yuengling. The bar is smoker friendly, and plenty of space is available to mingle.

Decks are located above and below the bar, and the overflow crowd can also head out to the playground.

The bar is open 365 days a year, from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

The bar does plan to close at 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve, according to Barber.


The Suck Bang Blow has many fundraisers and is planning at least 13 special events in the upcoming year.

The bar is smoker friendly.

The NFL and FCC ticket can be watched on a 72-inch wide-screen television.

By Kelly Fuller, For The Surge