Winterized Accessories

By Rebecca Robertson

For The Surge

While you may have the perfect coat for the wintry cold months that loom ahead, adding a few chic accessories can also help you stylishly tolerate the temperatures.

Hats & Scarves

Pair a monochromatic pea coat or duster in black, grey, or camel for winter with a bright or patterned hat or scarf to add a chic pop of color or dimension to your look.

If you love the cozy look and feel of a scarf, incorporate one of the fall’s hottest trends into your daily grind- plaid. An infinity scarf in a red, black and white plaid motif adds a bit of relaxed class when paired with a black cape or coat.

Or, if you have a printed or patterned coat, opt for scarf with a bright solid color or alternating pattern to accent your jacket. Shimmery pink, orange and emerald hues are perfect accent colors this season.

To keep your head warm, beanie caps and earmuffs are once again on trend. For a modern, luxe look, shop for earmuffs that mix plaid with faux fur. Or, for a more relaxed look, pull on a knit beanie cap topped with large pom-pom in a light hue like cornflower or blush.


Keep fingers from freezing with a fresh pair of mittens, a must have accessory this winter. Convertible or fingerless, mittens offer another chic way to broaden your winter look, especially when coordinated with your hat and scarf. Shop for bright hues and patterns to accentuate the hues of your favorite jacket, hat and scarf.