Visit to The Local Grind is ‘priceless’

Setting the Table

Anyone who has eaten outside on a porch, surrounded by trees and sprawling plant life knows how charming it is. At The Local Grind in Murrells Inlet, you can get that warm feeling, even with a roof over your head.

This coffee house is right off the road and if it weren’t for the sign, it would just look like a cute house. Even the small parking lot might cause a moment’s doubt, as it can often be completely covered in pine needles. But once you step through their doors, you’ll realize there’s nothing else the building could be but a café.

Although there is a big screen television on the wall, the rest of the café has a very charming, rustic feel. It’s obvious the owners wanted to keep as much of the building’s original character, especially when guests notice the vine crawling on the walls, like nature’s wallpaper. Some of the tables are made from tree stumps, only adding to the forest feel.

Down the Hatch

Being a coffee house, The Local Grind is very good at making that delicious caffeinated beverage, with locally roasted beans that they also sell by the bag. Espressos are no problem with their espresso machine, and lattes come out toasty warm, in either a cute teacup or a hulking mug if you need an extra buzz.

Seasonal specials around this time are the ever popular pumpkin spice and gingerbread lattes, the former of which genuinely tastes like a slice of delicious pumpkin pie dunked into a strong cup of coffee.

A small menu of wraps and sandwiches is available for the peckish, alongside a display of pies baked in house. Their breads and pastries come from Benjamin’s Bakery in Surfside, and they try to source the rest of their ingredients locally as well.

The shrimp salad, for instance, is made from shrimp fresh off the boat – so fresh, it doesn’t even make it to the market. The wonderful ladies here don’t make a big batch of it and refrigerate it, either. Each salad is made fresh upon order.

The Green Turkey wrap was a lovely combination of meat and vegetables, and just like the shrimp, it was easy to tell how fresh the food was.

Check, Please

Some might consider their food prices to be a little steep, but keep in mind the fresh ingredients sourced locally. A simple cup of coffee is $1.75-$2.50 depending on the size you choose, while teas and specialized drinks are a little more. A sandwich and drink can easily be under $10 if you choose the less expensive kinds. However, the fresh meals are worth those extra dollars.

The Local Grind on the outside doesn’t look like the typical coffee house, but it runs like a gourmet one. The café also hosts regular events, such as the food drive they’re doing now until the end of December. With big band music playing in the background, windows and walls covered in vines, and delicious, fresh food and coffee, a visit to The Local Grind is ultimately priceless.

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What | The Local Grind

Where | 880 Inlet Square Drive, Murrells Inlet

Info | 843-299-0547,