Cold Mountain release party, Hanukkah-themed beer dinner planned

Cold Mountain Release Party - Mellow Mushroom North Myrtle Beach

While we might be enjoying bites of the expected turkey, collard greens, stuffing and cranberry sauce that comes with the end of November, we also delve deep in to the final month of the autumn season. We’re finally beginning to be fortunate enough to enjoy a few days of the weather that is associated with the season and with daylight savings time, the days are growing shorter. Once the dark sets in, it’s warmth, and the next great craft beer we all begin searching for.

Enter the one of the most highly anticipated release of Highland Brewing Company’s Cold Mountain Winter Ale (Asheville, NC). This is one brew that has been a showstopper for many in the craft beer community year after year and it’s hitting the shelves locally now!

On Tuesday, December 1 from 5-9 p.m., Mellow Mushroom North Myrtle Beach will play host to a party celebrating the release of Highland Cold Mountain in our area. Checking out the party will give you a chance to talk with a representative from the brewery, buy a pint of Cold Mountain, and even get the pint glass to take home.

I haven’t had Cold Mountain in quite some time, so I went by Piggly Wiggly in The Market Common and picked up a 22 oz bomber so I could reacclimate myself with this popular brew. It pours a deep garnet color and leaves behind a thin, off-white head. On the nose, there is very little hop presence. The primary aroma is of sweet caramel and malty grain. The initial sip is sweet as well, with those malt flavors resembling caramel with a slight hint of cherry. It develops quickly in to bread-like feel, and finishes with a sweet aftertaste that has a small touch of bitterness and warmth.

It really is exemplary of the winter warmer style in that it’s not a hop forward beer, and boasts complex malt flavors; it’s more of a sip and savor type brew. I can understand why it’s a popular brew because of its completeness and friendly drinking flavors. It does also come with a lot of hype in that it sells out in some places although I’m not quite sure what I’m missing about this beer that makes it so sought after. It is a great, well-made beer, and maybe that’s just what’s meant to be celebrated.

Mr. Fish Hanukkah Beer Dinner

Mr. Fish Restaurant is already well-known for their superb dinner specials, creatively paired meals, and always evolving craft beer selection. Looking to elevate and separate themselves from other popular and creative seafood restaurants, Mr. Fish is proud to announce their first ever beer dinner on December 10 at 6 p.m. - the Hanukkah “themed” Beer Dinner.

Completely shunning the typical beer dinner model of serving beer from one brewery and matching food to their lineup, Mr. Fish is going for an expertly curated pairing by matching brew to chew to highlight aspects of both the beer and the dishes. This dinner will focus on the experience of some of the incredibly delicious Hanukkah staples, and pairing each of them with a complementing beer. For the Myrtle Beach area, this is going to be a very unique dinner experience.

It’s a five course meal so there is plenty of opportunity to get familiar with a range of flavors and combinations. The menu is as follows:

First Course- Matzo ball soup with Goldstar Lager, (Tempo Beer, Israel)

Second Course- Stuffed cabbage with Alexander Green IPA, (Alexander, Israel)

Third Course- Choice of: Beef brisket or Halibut with Malka Pale Ale, (Malka Brewery, Israel)

Fourth Course- Israeli salad with He’brew Hop Manna IPA, (Schmaltz Brewing, NY)

Fifth Course- Prune challah bread pudding with Malka Keha Stout, (Malta Brewery, Israel)

From a personal take on the menu, I’ve only had a taste of a few things like Matzo ball soup and potato latkes. I’ve even once tried to make challah with a little bit of success, but there was never any thought of what that might be like as a bread pudding, or even imagined that with a stout or any beer for that matter.

Speaking of beer, I’ve actually never had any of the brews that are being presented with the dinner. Not only do I get to try foods that I’ve always wanted to experience, but I get to try five different beers I’ve never had before. Just reading reviews of the He’brew Hop Manna from Schmaltz, the spice from the hops in the brew and the herbs from the salad should really combine to bring out an exceptional flavor.

Tickets for the beer dinner are $30 and can be purchased at the Mr. Fish Restaurant located in Myrtle Beach.