Beauty Inside & Out | Skirt around this season

Midi Skirt from
Midi Skirt from

Pencil, midi, maxi, mini, circle, full — there are all types of skirts for all types of women and body types.

Skirts have become a fun and flirty part of casual and formal dressing, with lengths and styles playing a major part in what’s hot and what’s not.

As summer slowly eases to an end and fall wardrobe planning begins, don’t skirt around the season’s change without seeking the proper attire to add to your wardrobe. To make the transition seamless, seek a skirt in a complementary cut and fabric for your body type.

Have great gams? Flaunt them in a miniskirt.

With a hemline that falls mid-thigh, miniskirts in metallic hues or vibrant ikat and floral prints are the chicest way to wear the style right now. As temperatures cool down, add tights and booties to warm up the look.

Don’t want to flaunt as much skin? Opt for a midi skirt with a hemline that falls an inch or two past the knee.

Opt for a full cut skirt in a vibrant hue paired with a formfitting shirt, or a pleated midi skirt in a neutral shade of peach paired with a chambray oxford shirt. Wear it to the office by adding a fitted blazer and heels.

Another great option is the maxi skirt. With a hemline that falls to the ankle, a maxi skirt adds a touch of glamour and has a lot of versatility.

If you’re seeking a sexier look, opt for a slim-cut maxi with a thigh high slit, or for a more casual approach, pair a flowy floral skirt with a slim-cut tank and layered jewelry.