Beauty Inside & Out | Ring bling — stack ‘em or cage ‘em to make a statement

Necklaces and earrings are not the only jewelry pieces making statements in fashion right now. Stackable, cage and cocktail rings are having a moment, offering a chic and edgy way to adorn your hands whether you’re office or beach bound.

Stacked up

Stackable rings are a chic and easy look to pull off, no matter your sense of style.

The key is to opt for rings with delicate, thin bands and simple designs. Layer on one to three rings on at least three fingers of each hand, with a midi ring, a ring that slides onto the middle section of your finger, thrown in for good measure.

For the chicest approach, opt for rings all in the same type of metal with complimentary stones or designs.

Caged in

A cage ring is a simpler approach to making a statement with your jewelry. Cage rings are often worn on one or two fingers, with designs that encase most or all of your finger.

A cage ring designed with multiple rings in rose gold is a fresh take on this trend, or try on a cage ring with a crisscross or geometric pattern.

Cocktail hour

Still a popular accessory, the cocktail ring is another chic way to make a statement with your hands.

Bright baubles in bold colors with flashy, ornate designs allow this style to look fresh when worn on one or two fingers.

If you prefer an edgier look, shop for serpent and arrow ring designs in dark hues.

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