Blue Light Special | Men fight over parking spot, one wounded by his own knife

Parking spot scuffle

“What are you gonna do, cut me?”

That’s when things went bad for a 19-year-old Conway man who told Conway police a group of men assaulted him and cut him with his own pocket knife.

Police responded to Conway Medical Center about 9:50 p.m. Wednesday where the victim told them about the assault and that he had an altercation with the same group of men at a Conway Wal-Mart store over a parking space the day before the alleged assault, authorities said.

I’ve cut at least six people over a parking spot before, so I know that game.

The victim said that Tuesday at Wal-Mart on 2709 Church St. a group of men approached him and his wife and argued with them over a parking spot and later argued with him again inside the store, police said.

Obviously the group weren’t fans of the Disney film “Frozen.”

Side note: there’s a joke about Idina Menzel’s award-winning song “Let It Go” in there somewhere but I’m too lazy to look for it.

The victim said the assault occurred the next day in the area of Depot Road where he had stopped to change a flat tire and was approached by the same group of men, according to the report.

Which begs the question, is this a group of private investigators? I don’t understand.

The victim said the men began hitting him so he took out his pocket knife to defend himself. The victim said the men then took his knife and cut his arm, authorities said.

Police said they obtained surveillance footage from Wal-Mart in an attempt to identify the suspects and went back to the area where the assault happened to gather evidence.

Authorities said the investigation is currently ongoing, and noted the incident as a second-degree assault in the police report.

Josh Bell, digital reporter


Surfside Beach Town Council has had more than their usual agenda items of budget woes and traffic problems.

The town officials recently heard complaints that rats were running everywhere in Surfside.

You heard that right ... furry, lumpy creatures that apparently like to paddle around the pool and snack on stale Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

It sounds like a cheap summer cable movie, (possibly starring Ian Ziering) but unfortunately, it’s all too real for people on the South end.

People visiting the area (probably for the last time, too) say that the obnoxious house guests are hogging the pool chairs.

Not to worry, though. Town Council members are now considering bringing in feral cats to handle the problem.

Feral cats, which have overrun other nearby coastal towns, could be used to snack on some rodents, according to information from town officials.

Nothing makes a good vacation like the sight of a feral cat snacking on a big rat.

Meanwhile, local sanitation officials have said they are doing all they can to clean up the problem.

It wasn’t spelled out how these experts would get rid of rodents, but it probably won’t be pretty.

Hey, everyone just trade their urban issues for a few weeks.

A few rats over here, a few more feral cats over there.

Sounds like a solution.

Angry shooter

A man who apparently was fed up with the whole world was arrested after shooting at his family in Garden City Beach.

Robert Maittand Rumph, 50, of Pompano Drive, got mad at his teenage son and fired off a few shots around 2:45 a.m.

Not only that, there were “four individuals below the age of 17 in the residence,” according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Hey, teenagers can be a little annoying, but shooting at them is taking it way too far.

The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office and state troopers surrounded the house and tried to get Rumph to come out.

He wasn’t having any of that.

He wasn’t arrested until he tried to leave the house and get in his car, police said.

Rumph apparently didn’t know you can’t fire a handgun in a house with a bunch of kids, then just leave.

The heavy family argument got him sent to jail. He is now charged with one count of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, two counts of assault and battery first degree, three counts of kidnapping, one count of discharging a firearm into a dwelling, and four counts of unlawful conduct towards a child.

At press time, Rumph was still in the Georgetown County jail. No one was hurt in the free-for-all.

Pets and robbers

Robbers have been known to hit a few banks and convenience stores in Horry County, but they usually avoid pet stores and restaurants.

Apparently, times in the robbery world have changed.

Instead of hitting the local Kangaroo or Wells Fargo, a female robber in Conway recently hit the Pet Safari on Oak Street and Bellacinos on Main.

Instead of pet food and a take-out pizza, this lady sped away with cash from both locations, police said.

The thief first hit around 4:45 p.m. on a recent Friday at Pet Safari on Oak Street, according to Conway Police.

The woman driving a gray sedan went in the business and demanded money, police said.

Possibly the same person struck Bellacinos around 8:45 p.m., police said.

It’s obvious the woman didn’t have kids with her when she hit either location.

Both times, she was able to leave the businesses very quickly without even thinking about:

A. Taking everyone to the bathroom...twice

B. Grabbing a gluten-free dinner for the entire family.

C. Purchasing a sugar glider or a hermit crab.

The description of the woman is somewhat sketchy. She is said to be around five feet tall, with brown hair and weighs around 160 pounds, police said.

Anybody with information about the robber with a hankering for quick cash (but no pets) is asked to call the Conway Police Department at 248-1790.

Rolling dirty

A biker riding with his group of friends recently got a serious take down by the Myrtle Beach.

Justin Creighton, 23, doesn’t get any points for street cred after police saw he was riding a bike with some obvious red flags.

The bike had a burned-out taillight, which actually turned out to be the least of Creighton’s problems.

Creighton apparently didn’t have a key to the motorcycle, either.


Instead, the bike was reportedly hot wired and was sporting a stolen license plate.

Maybe no one ever told him that riding around actually looking like a wanted felon is not the best way to go.

Police then checked and discovered the bike was reported missing out of Burlington, N.C.

Three (or four) strikes later and Creighton wasn’t riding off into the sunset.

He was charged with possession of a stolen motorcycle.

Lot o’ problems

A woman who won an astounding amount of money from the lottery might have to use some of it to pay her lawyer.

Marie Holmes, who recently won a $188 million Powerball prize, might have to cough up some extra cash since she and boyfriend Lamarr McDow went to jail on drug charges.

It was reported that Holmes might have even used some of her winnings to get him out of the slammer in February.

Police in Brunswick County, N.C., said McDow didn’t meet his curfew set as part of his earlier release from jail.

He was re-arrested after police smelled pot at the home the couple shared in Shallotte.

They also accused McDow of handling a gun, and charged him with possession of a firearm by a felon.

Holmes and McDow weren’t the only really unlucky people at their house.

Damarius Dontrell Simmons, 21, and Danell Lamont McNeil, both of Shallotte, were charged with having marijuana and paraphernalia.

Jeffrey Antuan Gause, 23, was charged with resisting a public officer.

McDow now has a $6 million bond.

Blue Light Special is a roundup of the Myrtle Beach area’s weird and wild crime, written with a saracastic and/or humorous twist. It is meant as a parody. Don’t take it too seriously; we don’t.

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