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Asymmetric topaz earrings.
Asymmetric topaz earrings.

Earrings can be a chic and simple way to accent an outfit. Whether you’re wearing a simple white tank or a little black dress, the addition of an eye-catching bauble or two dangling from your lobes will add a touch of glamour.

If you wish to update your look this season, try on one of these trendy styles.

Asymmetrical earrings

This pairing of two different earring designs has popped up on runways and celebrities since last year.

The freshest way to approach this look is with mismatched colors or sizes. Opt for a pair with one stud and one dangle in gold motif, or ease into the trend and try a pair with the same design, but in mismatching hues — one green, one blue.

Rose gold

This metal is perfect for summer thanks to its pretty pink sheen that comes from copper being mixed with pure yellow gold.

Shop for elaborate drop earrings mixed with precious stones or small studs for the chicest approach. To complete the look, pair the earrings with a matching bangle or cuff.

Ear cuffs and climbers

If you’re searching for an edgier look, opt for an ear cuff or ear climbers. From a simple gold hoop to a snake or flowers in a precious metal, an ear cuff hugs just the upper portion of the ear and adds just enough sex appeal.

Or for a more demure look, try ear climbers. This style of earring adds sparkle that climbs the entire outer earlobe.

Colorful stone chandeliers

Chandelier earrings are once again popular, but to keep the look of these elaborate danglers fresh this year, opt for a sparkling pair in vibrant, contrasting hues like coral and red or neon yellow and orange.

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