Gut Reaction | Don’t judge Jerusalem by its cover

Setting the Table

Seeing the exterior of Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant and Bar, even with the new glowing sign and olive leaves over the doors, in no way prepares you for the interior. An explosion of lights and colors instantly transform the experience into something a little less expected. There are dangling glass chandeliers and colorful pottery along the wall, plus a small dessert case off to the side filled with fresh treats. And that’s just the dining area.

To the left is an entryway leading to a room with dimmer but just as colorful lighting to illuminate a large dancing area. The walls are lined with tables surrounded by poufs and benches, and in the corner is a bright bar for all your drinking needs. Of course, as with everything Jerusalem has to offer, the drinks and spirits are entirely kosher.

Depending on the time of day, Jerusalem can be a little bustling with dates and families, or packed with party-goers dancing the night away. Keep the time in mind when planning a visit, and if you’re concerned, the restaurant takes reservations. Orders can be to go as well. Also, the restaurant closes early on Friday and remains closed on Saturday for Sabbath.

Down the Hatch

The menu has plenty to entice customers, even those not inclined to try any Jewish cuisine. That being said, the main star of Jerusalem truly is the delicious dishes from the restaurant’s namesake. It seems a little impractical to go to a Jewish restaurant just for chicken fingers and fries.

Being strict to Jewish practices, this restaurant doesn’t have any pork-based dishes on the menu. There are, however, enough other meats to easily make up for the lack of pig. Not to mention the vegetarian dishes, such as the falafel and hummus, are so deliciously prepared it’s easy to forget about meat.

No matter what dish your party chooses, everyone can look forward to house naan and tahini. The flatbread comes out warm with melted butter and garlic on top, so by itself it’s already quite delicious. But for that extra flavor, the tahini is a delightful and light dip that can be spiced up by a few drops of the pepper sauce that comes on the side.

Check, please

Because Jerusalem is a specialty restaurant, the prices can be considered a little steep. For instance, the sampler platter that has four different appetizers on it usually runs for $16. Happy hour might be the best option for new customers, not only for cheaper drinks but also for saving $6 on the sampler. Like most of Myrtle Beach’s restaurants, Jerusalem’s happy hour is from 4-7.

For one person, a meal along with a drink and the tip ended up being just shy of $20. However, with all the options on the appetizers, everyone could probably order one of those plus a drink and eat their fill, thanks to the complimentary naan. The atmosphere of Jerusalem is nice and maybe finding some new favorite food should make the experience worth it.

If you eat

What | Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant and Bar

Where | 205 N. Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach

Info | 946-6650 or