Gut Reaction | The Fractured Prune makes the best doughnuts ever. Period.

Doughnuts at Fractured Prune in Myrtle Beach. Courtesy photo.
Doughnuts at Fractured Prune in Myrtle Beach. Courtesy photo.

Friday, June 6 was National Donut Day, so we’ve pretty much had doughnuts on the brain ever since places like Dunkin’ Donuts were giving them away for free.

So was the Fractured Prune, a fairly new eatery in Myrtle Beach that doesn’t sell prunes, but the best doughnuts you’ll ever eat.

Sorry, Krispy Kreme. Sorry Dunkin’ Donuts. Sorry, Donut Man. The Fractured Prune is here and it isn’t going anywhere.

First things first: it’s called the Fractured Prune because the enterprise’s founder learned about a “spunky old woman” named Prunella who used to own the land he first bought in 1976. According to a placard on the eatery’s wall, “Prunella was the only woman who competed with men in traditionally men’s sports, such as ice skating races and skiing competitions.”

She would come back from competitions in wheelchairs or crutches, and folks started calling her “Fractured Prunella.” Founder Tom Parshall, a lover of imagination and individuality, liked her story so much he named his company after her.

That imagination and individuality carries over into the doughnuts they churn out at the Fractured Prune.

They have names like “Caramel Bliss,” “Cookies & Cream,” “Dulce de Leche,” “Morning Buzz” and “Strawberry Shortcake,” among others.

Mouth watering yet? No?

How about “Banana Cream Pie,” “Blackberry Cobbler” or “Blueberry Hill”?

And those are just on the list of favorites that you can choose from when you order. To place an order, you just fill in a sheet by indicating how many of each doughnut you want. Or you can flip the sheet over and create your own doughnut by choosing from a variety of glazes and toppings.

No standing at the counter looking at doughnuts already made and shoved into a box for you.

At the Fractured Prune, you give them your order and then wait (my wait was less than five minutes for a half-dozen) while they prepare them. Doughnuts are meant to be served hot, and when you pick up your box you can feel the warmth emanating from it.

(Note: If you’re getting your doughnuts to go, don’t worry. They have instructions on the side of the box on how to re-warm your doughnuts if they’re cold or warm temperature.)

The Prune also sells drip coffee and specialty coffees. While I didn’t partake, I noted that a large specialty coffee was only priced at four bucks. There’s also some sodas and teas to choose from.

But back to the doughnuts.

I ordered a half-dozen (for $6.99; get a whole dozen for $11.99) and tried one each of the Caramel Bliss (caramel glaze with chocolate chips); Cookies & Cream (vanilla glaze with cookie crumbs); Dulce de Leche (caramel glaze with powdered sugar); French Toast (maple glaze and cinnamon sugar); Morning Buzz (mocha glaze with cookie crumbs); and Rocky Shores (honey glaze, cinnamon sugar and chocolate chips).

I can’t tell you which one my favorite one was, because each time I tried a different one it seemed better than the one that came before it until I went back and tried the other ones again.

I will say that I would have paid more than $7 for them (though I’m thankful I didn’t have to).

On my return trip I plan on creating my own, staring with maple glaze and crumbled bacon on top. I think I’ll name it “Died and Gone to Heaven.”

The Fractured Prune has plenty of seating inside and several TVs. Most of the seating is two-top tables, but there is a bigger table in the back to accommodate larger parties. Plus there’s extra seating on the patio.

Find the best doughnuts you’ll ever eat at 201 Fresh Drive, Suite A, in Myrtle Beach. (It’s at the end of River Oaks Boulevard in the Lowes shopping center.)

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