Beer Chick | Grumpy Monk lets Samuel Adams take over the taps for a night and it was a good decision

If you ever come across an event called a “tap takeover,” go to it. Basically, tap takeovers are events where a bar gets a variety of kegs from a single brewery and has them available them all at once. They are outstanding opportunities for you try out the beers a specific brewery has to offer.

I recently attended a tap takeover event for Samuel Adams held at The Grumpy Monk off U.S. 501 near Carolina Forest and I quickly learned that they make more varieties of beer than I ever imagined. As a restaurant and bar going in to its first summer season in area, events like these are a great way to get to know the locals.

Manager Chris Evans says “The community has been very supportive. We have many guests that are employees from the outlets, Legends, and the Carolina Forest area.”

The Grumpy Monk was an ideal place for the Sam Adams tap takeover. The bar shares a name with a Sam Adams small batch beer called Grumpy Monk Belgian IPA. This beer is available in the Myrtle Beach area on tap only at the Grumpy Monk.

Sam Adams offerings are no stranger to the area and some of the most popular beer on the Grand Strand comes from this giant in the craft beer world. Some of their most popular offerings are Sam Adams Boston Lager, Sam Adams seasonal Summer Ale, and more recently becoming one of the most popular IPAs available in the area is Rebel IPA.

Along with their staples, the tap takeover brought nearly 20 different brews. They included beers such as Honey Queen, Pigs in a Blanket, Porch Rocker, and Downtime Pilsner just to name a few. Several of the brews were highly sought after, limited release brews and only available once a year.

In addition to the unique selection, there were a few called Longshots. These brews were actually created from Samuel Adams’ very own homebrew competition winners’ recipes. I was most impressed by the Longshot Dark Night in Brooklyn, which is a Dunkelweizen that had just the right amount of caramel sweetness to complement the banana and clove from the yeast. My favorite brew overall was The Sphinx, a Belgian pale ale fermented with Brettanomyces, which is a form of yeast used in beer fermentation and results in a “funky” flavor and aroma.

Sam Adams covers such a large variety of beer styles that it’s no wonder that some of their beers can be considered a “gateway” in to the craft beer world. By drinking these gateway beers, you can expand your palate and try more and more flavors and styles of beer. Sam Adams Boston Lager was, in fact, one of my gateway beers. Next, I tried Sam Adams Oktoberfest and fell in love with beer. I quickly progressed to other beers and brewers until I reached the point I am at today: a girl scouring every bar menu to try the next new and exciting brew.

Coming up next for The Grumpy Monk is another tap takeover on June 10, this time with Highland Brewing company from Asheville, N.C.

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