Movie review | Latest Ben Stiller flick not just a comedy

Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts in “While We’re Young.”
Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts in “While We’re Young.”

With snappy and funny dialog, along with a New York City setting reminiscent of classic Woody Allen narratives, “While We’re Young” is at its heart a romantic comedy that tackles the universal human condition of growing older while still feeling young on the inside.

Ben Stiller as Josh, a 44-year-old frustrated documentarian, is less neurotic and frenetic than in most of his films, though he does have a few classic Stiller-esque meltdowns.

Naomi Watts as Cornelia, his age-contemporary long-suffering wife, sails through the film offering mostly feedback for Stiller’s constantly morphing character. When the pair start hanging out with two 20-something hipsters, the movie unfolds into more than just clever wordplay between New York City couples.

Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver, as the counter-couple to Stiller and Watts, perfectly play free-spirited bohemians apparently at one with their youth and their drive to succeed. Supporting players Charles Grodin, Brady Corbet and Ryan Serhant all were well cast. Director-writer Noah Buambach, who is a Wes Anderson collaborator, has written a very compelling and honest tale that should be relatable to hipsters in their 20s and mid-lifers in their 40s and beyond.

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