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It’s just ‘Business as Unusual’ for the Jebb Mac Band

While being “all things to all people” may not be the stated goal of the Jebb Mac Band, the diversity of the Florence based six-piece variety act satisfies, at one point or another, just about everyone in attendance at a JMB show.

Knowing that cover tunes are the bread and butter of almost all bands working along the Grand Strand, Jebb “Mac” McMillan’s outfit covers hip-hop hits, funky R&B dance tunes, college rock, and plenty of country music. All that has worked to keep this popular band busy, but Mac’s originals are the eggs in the basket that represent his hopes and dreams for the future.

A new all-original project, “Business as Unusual,” proves the band’s commitment to breaking free of the cover band mold that can trap other hopeful artists.

The Dead Dog Saloon in Murrells Inlet will host The Jebb Mac Band’s CD release party at 8 p.m. April 11. “Business as Unusual” features five songs, including “Innertube,” a single Mac hopes will resonate with summertime listeners and become a catalyst for more and bigger shows down the road.

From Mullins, a quintessential small South Carolina town about an hour inland from Myrtle Beach, Mac, 33, has a slow, youthful, country-boy swagger, a friendly smile, and the ability to entertain crowds.

“We want everyone who comes out to have a total music experience,” said Mac from his home in Florence earlier this week. He stopped mid-sentence to check on his 16-month-old son, who was busy being a toddler.

“I’m on baby-sitting duty today,” he laughed. “…but not just country, not just hip-hop, we want to be well-rounded. Our original stuff crosses over with our own little hip-hop style mixed in – it’s like crossover country with a horn section.”

The JBB lineup sets the band apart from almost every other local and regional act. Though he jokingly worries about “labels only wanting to sign 20-year-olds,” Mac could easily pass for a 20-something. He is the front man, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. He’s joined by Emery Henderson (trombone, congas, vocals), Tyler Roberts (lead guitar, vocals), Nelson James (drums), local swing shift saxophonist Don Colton, and female keyboardist Emma Hamilton, who covers bass, keyboard parts and additional vocals.

He’s quick to praise his band mates, and all look like they enjoy themselves on stage. While he is the lyricist, he relies on collaboration to make some of the band’s originals, the band’s.

“For the melodies sometimes, we’ll get together, and lay down some stuff, maybe a bass line, and the write the lyrics around that.”

Mac doesn’t like his band being labeled one genre or another, and cites Zac Brown and Corey Smith being called “country” when they don’t really fit the modern country Nashville mold. Regardless, JMB will continue its dance-friendly, party-friendly shows that appeal to young audiences and young-at-heart fans who crave variety.

Jebb Mac Band is schedule to perform at Duck’s in North Myrtle Beach April 9, the Hot Fish Club in Murrells Inlet April 10, and the Dead Dog Saloon CD Release Party April 11. Upcoming performances are scheduled for Whiskey Beach on May 22, and Wahoo’s on May 23.

“We’re really happy and excited with “Business as Unusual,” and want as many ears as possible to listen to it.”