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Tragedy can strike at any given moment and is, more often than not, something you can never truly prepare for. Evelyn Murray Drayton had no way of knowing she would be in a devastating car crash, but she did receive earlier that same day a message that she didn’t understand at the time but would motivate her in the aftermath. “Anything’s Possible: The 47-Day Prophecy” is Drayton’s account of that life altering crash and the lessons she learned from it.

As an ordained minister and devout Evangelist, Drayton has centered her life around her faith and love for God. She has repeatedly done her upmost, and the taken the Word very seriously, no matter what form it comes in. What should have been a normal visit to Florence for worship ended up with Drayton driving home with a prophecy on her mind followed by a crash that almost took her life.

Most of her book is dedicated to her recovery and the many obstacles that followed. Drayton’s body was so battered, from damaged vocal cords to a broken pelvis, that her doctors put her in a medically induced coma. Only when she stabilized was she slowly brought back to consciousness and could be an active participant in her healing process.

Before her accident, Drayton recalls details of the day, but she was unable to remember her thought process. More fuzzy memories, indicative of her damaged brain from the crash, run rampant in her recovery. However, she makes sure to stay candid throughout her tale, admitting to her most frustrating and embarrassing moments, which of course from the outside looking in are understandable moments given her confused and bruised state.

Throughout her writing, Drayton remains enthusiastic and magnanimously grateful despite reliving such a trying time. She uses that passion to bring attention to the people and doctrine that gave her the strength to not only get better, but become stronger than before.

Drayton’s zeal also makes for an unconventional style of writing that is nonetheless easy to follow. What she wants emphasized is clearly done so, be it done by bolding a friend’s name, or creating a list of points to keep in mind. She also never forgets her role as a minister and uses her own experience to impart relevant Bible verses and doctrinal lessons to the reader.

It took Drayton 47 days to become healthy enough to return to her home, which turned out to be the same number given to her mere hours before the accident. In those 47 days, she had a lot of healing to do and a lot of lessons to learn. But she held on tight to her doctrines, made the best of what she had to endure, and came out stronger than ever. Because as Dr. Drayton would tell you, through the power of God, anything is possible.

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At A Glance

Title | “Anything’s Possible: The 47-Day Prophecy”

Author | Evelyn Murray Drayton

Publisher | Sellrus Publishing

Length | 186 pages

Price | $14.99