Reading Corner | Dino Thompson gets unorthodox in ‘Boogie Woogie Beats’

“Boogie Woogie Beats” by Dino Thompson.
“Boogie Woogie Beats” by Dino Thompson.

Name your favorite group, singer or dance from the 20th century, especially the 1950s, ’60 and ’70s, and it’s undoubtedly mentioned in “Boogie Woogie Beats” by Dino Thompson.

It’s evident the author enjoyed the music from those specific decades and has compiled a captivating volume on the subject.

Thompson, who grew up in Myrtle Beach and owns Flamingo Grill, explains the importance of past haunts along the Grand Strand and includes pictures. The Myrtle Beach Pavilion, the Bowery, Spivey’s Pavilion, Beach Club, Charlie’s Place, Atlantic Beach and Sonny’s Place at Cherry Grove are among the venues cited.

The book’s glossy pages are replete with vintage pictures of stars such as Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Muddy Waters. The author talks of Bo Diddley, Frankie Valli and other musicians performing in Myrtle Beach.

His anecdote about the Rolling Stones’ appearance in Myrtle Beach in 1978 is priceless. He recounts that the tickets were $10, and he was given two, but he and a friend turned them down.

“Neither of us could name a Stones song,” he writes. “We also knew Mick couldn’t belt a ballad and grand mal danced, so we politely declined.”

The author addresses the black-white divide from that time and gives well-deserved kudos to black musicians.

“Good ain’t got no color,” he says on page 18.

Getting all the facts correct is a challenge, and a spot check of some of them proved accurate, such as Wild Country was the original name of the group Alabama. On the other hand, page 39 states that James Taylor and Carly Simon were backup singers for Don McLean’s “American Pie,” but that fact is debunked at

Any reader sensitive to the King’s English must read Thompson’s book with caution. He has a fondness for having nouns turn into past tense verbs. Diva’d, Alamo’d, gospel’d are just a few. He adds –licious to many words. Jucilicious, dancelicious and fundaliciously are some examples. He drops the g on –ing words without adding an apostrophe, and his favorite word seems to be wutn’t, which appears many times.

Another facet of his style is using offensive language and creating images hard to visualize. “Kicked the tic” on page 162 refers to stuttering, and “didn’t piss away his cheese” on page 163 seems to mean Sam Phillips made some good investments. Thompson has what he calls “A Sorta Bibliograpile” listing references and has a Table of Contents he purposely put at the back of the book, both of which are helpful.

The page set up of the book is fascinating. Blocks of colorful backgrounds with white text break up the traditional all-text page.

Anyone interested in the evolution of music through the mid-20th century will enjoy this book, just be prepared for unorthodox vocabulary.

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At a glance

Title | “Boogie Woogie Beats”

Author | Dino Thompson

Publisher | Snug Press, Myrtle Beach

Length | 194 pages

Cost | $23

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