Reading Corner | Author’s third mystery novel an entertaining noir set in the Myrtle Beach area

Noir returns to the streets of the Grand Strand in Troy D. Nooe’s latest mystery novel, “Long-Legged Rosie.”

Based in the 1950s when the noir genre was popular, this addition to the “Murder in Myrtle Beach” series sees the return of Frankie McKeller, a Baltimore private eye who has relocated to the calm shores of South Carolina as the head of security at The Ocean Forest hotel.

As seems to be the case with Frankie, trouble follows his footsteps though he’d much rather it left him alone. This time, trouble not only finds him, it just about knocks him over in the guise of a former flame, Rosie.

Gorgeous she may be, Frankie is well aware of the destruction a hurricane with long legs can rend, and he wants her far away no matter how easy she is on the eyes.

Along with the chaos her presence has brought, Frankie also has to keep up with his duties in the hotel, which just became more important with the upcoming arrival of a state senator. The danger in all this madness at Ocean Forest spikes suddenly when a person ends up murdered with Frankie smack in the middle of it all.

Written perfectly as a noir novel, Nooe takes his readers through this complex mystery with Frankie as the narrator. While a perfectly likeable guy, whose patience in dealing with Rosie and her antics deserves a medal, Frankie seems to handle everything playing it by ear.

Even when he has some idea of a plan, events always go awry, leaving this not-quite detective grasping for some ad-lips that will save him some time. No matter what, though, Frankie does an excellent job keeping his cool and using his wit.

Because the audience only knows as much as Frankie knows, guessing the culprit is part of the enjoyment in reading Nooe’s book. His writing is enjoyable and easy to follow without being simplistic. There are a few scattered grammar mistakes but the cleverness of his characters (especially Frankie’s ability to be a wise guy, as it were) makes those errors nearly invisible.

The end of the novel sees all ends tied up, which is satisfying, although Frankie’s pages of exposition might make a few sit back and wonder when he figured it all out. With hints throughout the book, the reveal of the culprits isn’t much of a surprise, yet still rewarding.

This perfect example of noir literature brings a part of Myrtle Beach back to life that has been overshadowed by the glamor and lights of modern-day tourism. Nooe’s fun read reminds his audience of Myrtle Beach’s smaller and charming youth with all the mystery and mayhem of the large city it is to become.

Nooe is also the author of “The Ocean Forest” and “Damn Yankee” which also feature Frankie McKeller. He lives in Myrtle Beach after moving to the area from Baltimore.

Emily Smith, For The Sun News

Free lecture and book signing

The North Myrtle Beach Library is hosting a free lecture and book signing on Aug. 20 from 5:30-6:45 p.m.: “PATHWAYS TO HEALING: Steps You Can Take to Avoid Chronic Illness” with Yusuf Saleeby, M.D.

Saleeby is a holistic, integrative medical practitioner and is the director of Priority Health in Murrells Inlet, as well as of the satellite office in Cary, N.C.

He has written two books: “Stop the Thyroid Madness II” and “Wonder Herbs” which will be available after the program. Saleeby also writes for the health newsletter Natural Awakenings, American Fitness magazine and more. He is an expert on Civil War medicine and lectures on that subject as well.

The North Myrtle Beach Library is located at 910 First Ave. S. Call 843-915-5281 for more information.

Coloring time for adults

The Carolina Forest Library is getting in on the latest craze: coloring for adults.

On Aug. 17 and 24 from 6-7 p.m., adults are welcome to grab a colored pencil and spend an hour with light refreshements and coloring sheets. “Studies show coloring can have a claming effect on the adult mind and helps promote overall wellness,” according to the library. “Coloring also generates quietness and stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity.”

The library is located at 2250 Carolina Forest Blvd., Myrtle Beach. Call 843-915-5282.

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At a glance

Title | “Long-Legged Rosie”

Author | Troy D. Nooe

Publisher | Ingalls Publishing Group Inc.

Length | 233 pages

Cost | $15.95

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