‘Angels and Miracles’ offer tales that will warm hearts

By Emily Smith

For The Sun News

Decades of publishing has brought thousands of stories to the lives of people the world over, bringing hope and inspiration with every turn of the page. From its inception in 1993, Chicken Soup for the Soul has been a means for any and every one to share their amazing tales and this tradition is continued on in their recent publication, “Angels and Miracles.”

As each compilation before it, “Angels and Miracles” consists of 101 short stories, each one kept to only a few pages. The anecdotes are separated into thematic chapters, such as Messages from Heaven and Touched by an Angel.

Bringing 101 voices together might also bring with it the concern of discord, but the shared subject keeps the tone stable from story to story. Individuality and style aren’t lost either, and a little bit of each person’s personality comes out. This is especially nice to retain, considering these stories come from all over the world over multiple generations.

The variety also guarantees the reader to respond to stories in different ways, depending on the person’s own beliefs and experiences. This is another of the company’s strengths, as the multitude of stories from so many different persons is a beautiful display of how we all can be connected.

So, while some readers may react strongly to some or indifferently to others, there is always the inherent message of something greater binding the audience to the stories. The small variety of faiths and perspectives further cements the idea of finding something in everyone to empathize with.

Chicken Soup for the Soul has once again combined over a hundred stories from as close as our own Carolina coasts to as far as Australia into one book of hope. The company continues to remind its readers of how important faith can be.

The faithful can have experiences that shake them to their cores, even the skeptical can experience little miracles unique to them, and both emerge changed. “Angels and Miracles” would have every one of us remember keep that in mind.

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At A Glance

Title | Angels and Miracles

Author | Amy Newmark

Publisher | Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing

Length | 367 pages

Cost | $14.95