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Lowcountry Coloring Book
Lowcountry Coloring Book Emily Smith

The beginning of a new year often encourages people to pick up new habits with the intention of becoming healthier and happier. Adult coloring remains a popular option for those looking for ways to become more relaxed and more creative. In “The Lowcountry Coloring Book,” 44 beautiful square pages of drawings by Melissa Conroy capture some of the majesty and character of the Lowcountry and are ready to be filled in with color.

Conroy begins the little art book with a brief introduction about herself and the time she spent growing up in Beaufort, South Carolina. During those formative years, she and her family explored many sides of the Lowcountry, from the cobblestone streets of Charleston to the Sea Islands, rampant with a culture and history of their own.

To finish her introduction, Conroy explains the unique aspect her coloring book has taken, one that sets it apart from others. Each page can be removed from the book and a collection of four drawings can be put together for one big picture. The four squares can even be rearranged for a different creation of the same scene. In this way, Conroy allows the artist to have a greater say in how the final piece looks.

Before each collection of four drawings, Conroy provides the name of the places her drawings are based on and small descriptions. Some of the drawings are of actual places, such as the Penn Center on St. Helena Island, or of The Castle in Conroy’s hometown of Beaufort.

Others are artistic portrayals of different aspects that make up the Lowcountry. This includes a shrimp boats and marshes, to a scene from Downtown Charleston and a hauntingly beautiful representation of Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah.

The pages are sturdy and smooth, which helps make the coloring experience easy to enjoy. The pages are also easy to remove with a gentle but firm hand. The pictures to be colored and displayed smartly take up only one side of the page. Some of the pages have examples on the back of the two different ways the collection of four can be put into one.

Conroy has created a stunning coloring book that represents the Lowcountry in an artistic way while simultaneously encouraging her coloring audience to be as creative as possible. This coloring book is Conroy’s loving dedication to the Lowcountry, and one that allows others to express their love as well.

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At A Glance

Title | The Lowcountry Coloring Book: Charleston, Savannah, the Sea Islands, and Beyond

Author | Melissa Conroy

Publisher | Algonquin Books

Length | 44 pages

Cost | $11.95