Reviewer: ‘Jesus was a Democrat’ is an interesting, one-sided read

By Emily Smith

For The Sun News

If anything about our nation’s political state was discovered this year, it’s that no party is without corruption and self-interest. Dan DeFreest has accumulated decades of his thoughts on the matter and explored both parties to come to reject the Republican Party’s path of destruction.

While DeFreest holds no misconceptions about the Democratic Party’s innocence, “Jesus Was a Democrat” examines the many contradictory standards Republican politicians implement, including the perhaps inadvertent and gradual suppression of the middle class.

While the title involves Jesus Christ, little is actually developed about it. The statement is a way to snag the attention of browsers and get them interested in reading his reasoning. DeFreest does briefly use this famous historical figure as a way to highlight what he views as the Right’s hypocritical self-righteousness, the example being that Jesus lived a life many Republicans have condemned despite touting him as their Savior.

Once that is quickly stated, DeFreest puts it aside to delve into the real issues with the promise at being as objective as possible. For the most part, this assurance is upheld though every so often his feelings do sneak in, leaving no doubt to the reader how strongly DeFreest feels about the subject.

His book is separated by topic, with each major part then further broken down. In each section, DeFreest gives the readers brief dips into history for context, highlighting the many events and people that would shape and influence our country, from the Great Depression to the war on terrorism. He also tackles policies, from guns to abortion to the economy.

However, nearly a century of one nation’s history is hard to compact, even when trying to focus on one aspect, in this case the political stage. Politics are always complex, and our nation’s especially so. DeFreest’s book isn’t necessarily out of reach for the average citizen, but it also helps to have some understanding of our politics and history. It can act as a jumping off point for those interested in learning more.

That being said, DeFreest’s evidence and arguments about the Republican Party’s corrupt ideology are lacking something very important. Not once does DeFreest back up his statements with sources. Every person and event he discusses can of course be researched, and many people will find valid points in his reasoning, but the lack of references or bibliography makes his argument feel unreliable.

Nevertheless, “Jesus Was a Democrat” is an interesting read for those who can listen to one part of a debate without getting worked up. DeFreest also brings up dark parts of our political history, many of which the average citizen may not know. One thing we do all know, DeFreest most of all, is that change is on its way.

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At A Glance

Title | “Jesus Was a Democrat: The Moral Dichotomies of Republicanism and the Coming Democratic Revolution”

Author | Dan DeFreest

Publisher | Xlibris

Length | 177 pages

Cost | $19.99