Sea Marks offer song, culture at Atlantic Stage

Looking for entertainment that offers a bit of song and culture? Something that will both tickle your funny bone and plucks your heartstrings? Perhaps a tale of longing, sadness, a friendship that grows into something more? Then book tickets for the Atlantic Stage’s exhilarating performance of Sea Marks. This show offers all of that, andwith a panache that reminds us why we need to support professional theatre here in on the Grand Strand.

So glad that Thom and Mindi Penn decided to bring this two person gem to us and even happier that they have poured their incredible talents into the two starring roles. Thom plays fisherman poet Colm Primrose from Ireland’s fictional Cliffhorn Heads island. Mindi brings to life Timothea Stiles, a Liverpool publisher’s assistant. The play is a masterful piece of construction by the playwright, skillfully executed by Thom and Mindi under the very capable direction of Vincent Masterpaul who also designed the set.

Lighting , sound, and the marvelous set design also play their part well in heightening the impact of the story as it unfolds, revealing the power of words to transform lives. The spare cabin of fisherman Colm, (soon to be known as a poet), enmeshes itself in our minds with the aid of sea sounds, rough, calm as the scenes require. Timothea’s Liverpool apartment has a different sort of sparseness—her place has lots of furniture, but her life is empty— until Colm’s words enrich her life. In fact, so lovely are these words, so evocative of the man she will come to love, that she pins them to her wall like paintings.

Seth Cox, sound designer, Amy Edge, lighting designer, Steve Harley, assistant director, and Kaleb Saleeby all deserve kudos for their roles in making this all come together so well.

Volunteers worked as stage hands and in the front of the house, adding a touch of community to this professional theatre organization. Dramaturg Kevin D, Ferguson deserves praise for his role in helping select this play, a stellar choice to end the season, Bravo, Atlantic Stage. Reserve your tickets now. This one is another winner.

At a Glance

Every Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m., and Sundays at 3 p.m., from now until July 3.

Tickets range in price from $17.50 for students, $22.50 for seniors to $27.50 for general adult admission. Call 1-877 ATS TKTS for tickets or order online at www.atlanticstage.com.