3 Doors Down to perform Thursday at Myrtle Beach Speedway

Brad Arnold
Brad Arnold AP

The Myrtle Beach Speedway is proving that it will be a big player in this year’s concert area concert venues.

The quest to become the best continues Thursday with Three Doors Down. The Sun News spoke with Brad Arnold of Three Doors Down on their upcoming concert.

Q: After a five year break, how does it feel to be recording and touring again?

A: It feels good! It feels really good. I think some people think sometimes when you’re gone for that long, what were you all doing? We put out Time of My Life in 2011, and we toured off it for a year. Then we wrote three new songs and we put out a greatest hits record, which really didn’t count as a record, but we toured off it for a year. Then we did a year long acoustic tour and it were like, oh we need to write a record. Five years is a long time in the music business and honestly, it just kind of slipped by on us.

Q: Was there a reason taking a break from writing new material for that long?

A: We always have really good intentions of writing while we’re on tour, but it absolutely never happens. I think I’ve wrote one song on tour ever. I think we wrote When I’m Gone on tour and we’re always like, oh yeah we’ll write on this tour. No, we won’t. We really won’t. We got some new guys in the band and you kind of got to feel each other out a little bit as you go to learning to write together. I always looked at it like everybody speaks their own language in music and you’ve got to kind of learn to understand what the other person is saying before you can write together and we really just, not in a slacker way, but just kind of in a creative way just took our time with this record and there weren’t really any time constraints on us. We just took our time and opened our minds and really just explored some new ideas, some new sounds and put this record together. We didn’t get in a hurry with it.

Q: What is your favorite part of touring?

My favorite part of touring is getting up on the stage. I know that’s kind of the obvious answer, but it really is.

Brad Arnold

A: My favorite part of touring is getting up on the stage. I know that’s kind of the obvious answer, but it really is. I love getting up on stage and I love seeing the people out there singing those songs back to you. I think that’s my favorite thing is just when a crowd’s really good and they’re really singing back to you, there’s just no feeling in the world like it. Going along with that, I really love the traveling. I love seeing new places and getting out and exploring places that you’ve never been and maybe places that you have been and kind of dig a little deeper and revisiting the things that you know you like and seeing new things that you have never seen before. That’s a really cool thing about it as well.

Q: You’ve been making music with 3 Doors Down for 20 years now, what’s changed for you in that time?

A: Oh my goodness. I’ve got some wrinkles that I didn’t have back then and there have been a lot of changes. The music business has changed so much. We’ve been a band for 20 years and we’ve been touring for 16 and in that 16 years, the music business has changed so much. It’s just different outlets completely as to how people listen to music, how people buy music, how they absorb music, the access that fans have to you and the access that you have to your fans. I really like the access thing about it.

It’s more like the band and your friends. They’re right there with you and they can send you messages directly whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram or whatever social media outlet it is. I really think that’s cool because we’ve always looked at our fans as our friends because they are. They stick by us through a lot of stuff. As far as personnel changes, we’ve had a couple. We’ve had three drummers over the years, but Greg’s been our drummer for 12 years and he’ll be our drummer for the next 20 years. Kit and Justin have come on since the last record and those guys just fit right in. They do a great job. They brought some new influences and some new sounds along with them and some new ideas and you. We’ve had our ups and downs, twists and turns, but this band, I can honestly say, is in the best place that we have ever been Everybody can honestly say that we are doing it because we love to do it.

Q: How is the new album different from past albums?

We always said that we leave ourselves a left turn and try to do different things and this record we actually did that.

Brad Arnold

A: We always said that we leave ourselves a left turn and try to do different things and this record we actually did that. We explore a lot of different sounds and some new methods of writing. Really I jumped the fences, said there are none and we can do whatever we wanted to. We can make whatever sound we want to make. We’re not going to say anything’s out of the realm of possibility. If it’s an idea that we like and it develops into something that we think is cool then we’ll just keep working on that one. Sometimes in the past, I think the last couple of records in the past, we had honestly started pigeonholing ourselves a little bit and started repeating some things a couple times, which is really easy to do after you’ve been doing it for a lot of years. This record we just went outside the ballpark.

Q: Us and the Night is the title track and first release. Does that single have a special meaning to you that makes it stand out?

A: Us and the Night, we always kind of stole an album title from a song name or something relative to a line of a song or something like that, but that one, I think that title just kind of represents where we are as a band right now. That song is about enjoying the ride and not taking everything so serious. Just letting things come as they come and regardless of how people criticize you or critique you or whatever just letting it roll as a team and keep on going until there’s nothing left. That’s what we’re doing. But we know that there’s a lot left and I think that attitude just kind of describes where we are as a band. We’re all in it together and we’re doing it to have fun.

Q: Who has been your biggest musical influences?

A: Oh my lord, a little bit of everything. I grew up in Mississippi. I’m the youngest of seven kids, so I grew up listening to whatever my brothers and sisters were listening to from country music to 80’s rock-n-roll. I think 80’s country and 90’s country and 80’s and 90’s rock n’ roll had the most influence on me of anything. And everything since. I think you pull a little bit from everything you listen to and I listen to a little bit of everything.

Q: What can the fans expect from 3 Doors Down in the future?

Well, it will not be another five years before we put out a record. I’ve caught some slack over that.

Brad Arnold

A: Well, it will not be another five years before we put out a record. I’ve caught some slack over that.

We’re going to tour off this record for probably the next year or so and wishful thinking, we might actually write songs while we’re touring. You know I’m lying when I say that. We probably won’t, but we will get to work on a record actually in between tours. We’re going to start working on some new material actually kind of soon. I know that’s kind of crazy sounding being that our record just came out three weeks ago, but we really want to take advantage of every chance that we get to start writing. We were talking about how the industry’s changed with social media and everything at somebody’s finger tips on a phone. They want things now. We don’t want to rush to write another record, but we also fully realized that we can’t be waiting that long to write music again. So, we’re not going to hurry ourselves but we are going to stay on the ball and put more music out and a lot of tours and we’ll probably be coming to a town near just about everybody. So, a lot of new music and a lot of tours coming up.

More Information

What | 3 Doors Down

Where | Myrtle Beach Speedway, 455 Hospitality Lane, Myrtle Beach

When | Thursday, May 5. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the concert will begin at 8 p.m.

More info | Ticket prices range from $30-$50. For more information, go to www.myrtlebeachspeedway.com.