EcoTools loofah works great for the face; Found at Ulta

By Stephanie Bouzounis

For The Surge

This product is by EcoTools and I found it at my local Ulta. I’ve also seen it pop up at Walmart and Target, as well. It comes in two types of sponges – sensitive skin, which is white, and deep cleansing, which is a slate gray. The sponge is hard at first, but after you get it wet, it turns soft. Just follow package directions, obviously. After I wet it, I used it like a normal bath sponge or loofah – add soap, lather, then scrub.

The soap I used with it was Philosophy’s Purity. I work out in the morning, and when I use this combination of Konjac song + Philosophy’s Purity, my face is clean without feeling dry. All leftover makeup from the night before comes right off. When I used it with The Body Shop’s Tea Tree face wash or Bliss’ cleansing face wash (not pictured), the lather wasn’t quite as good, but I blame the soap on that. I’m currently on my second sponge. I had to buy a new one after about two months, as it became kind of limp and shriveled. (For the record, my mind is yes, in the gutter right now.)

Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. It cleaned my face much better than just using my hands or any type of cloth. It runs about $5.