Snow skiing a small slice of area club’s activities

Kayaking is one of many activities that members of the Coastal Ski & Outing Club of Myrtle Beach enjoy.
Kayaking is one of many activities that members of the Coastal Ski & Outing Club of Myrtle Beach enjoy. Courtesy photo

Skiing makes up just one small part of the many outings in which this Myrtle Beach-based club indulges, all year long.

The Coastal Ski & Outing Club, with more than 100 members, gets together various times per month throughout the year for activities such as bicycling, boating, bowling, dancing, golf, horseback riding, movies, water rafting and occasional ski trips. Monthly meetings also happen on the second Tuesday; details at 455-0606 or www.coastalskiclub.com.

The group’s president, Faith Campbell of the Forestbrook area, who has retired from a career that included a decade in advertising sales and teaching middle school math, said she joined about 25 years ago. She said the club began in the 1980s, affiliating with the Crescent Ski Council (www.crescentskicouncil.org), which was established in 1969, mainly to coordinate long-distance ski trips. That umbrella entity has grown to 20 member clubs from the Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Campbell, happy to be on the go at age 68, said most of the time, especially with many clubs having proximity to mountains, they ski more often, “but we all party.”

Question | How often does the Coastal Ski & Outing Club travel to hit the slopes?

Answer | We’ve been doing two a year. We tend to go to some East Coast places, such as West Virginia, and we also go out west, Colorado; the Crescent Ski Council has several trips … and we usually pick one, where we go.

Q. | What has been the draw for local club members to meet for all these memorable things to do?

A. | We have skiers and sports enthusiasts. With Myrtle Beach, people come to get out of the snow, and we’re a retirement community, too, plus we have people in the club who might have skied before but not now. So, you put all that together, we don’t have a lot of skiers. We are a less serious skiing group than many of the Crescent Ski Council clubs because they’re closer to the ski areas.

We are primarily a social group, … and we’re very active socially. Last weekend, we went bicycling and kayaking. We go to Myrtle Beach Pelicans games, enjoy Theatre of the Republic plays in Conway, and we like to have parties for something, and have no reason to have parties. …

That’s really a theme with our group: to have fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re 60 and older.

Q. | From where do you hail, and was skiing among your pastimes?

A. | I’m from Illinois, and I learned to ski when I got out of college, but I haven’t been skiing for a long time.

Q. | What’s on the wish list in the near future for other club excursions?

A. | Possibilities for more out-of-town trips … to Savannah or Charleston … especially being that most of us are retired and have the time. … We have different people organize activities we do.

Q. | How many days on the calendar get circled with outings?

A. | We probably have five to six activities every month. … We meet for parades and festivals. … The more stuff you do, the more fun you have.

Q. | The benefits must be multiple, for mind, body, staying young at heart, camaraderie and what else, in a place with nice weather all year?

A. | To be active and the health benefits are the main part of it, to physically keep going and going. Most of us … had lived somewhere else before we moved to Myrtle Beach, so this brings out the social part in all of us. … When I first came down here in 1989, I got into the Coastal Ski & Outing Club in 1990, and to this day, some of my best friends are from the club.

Q. | Like you all have become your own big family?

A. | It has turned into a family … doing so many things that families do. … We’ll do a group beach ride on our bikes … and even Coastal Carolina University football games – just all this fun stuff.

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If you go

Who | Coastal Ski & Outing Club

What | A casual social and sports organization, getting together various times per month – for such activities as bicycling, boating, bowling, dancing, golf, horseback riding, movies, Myrtle Beach Pelicans games, theater plays, occasional ski trips and white-water rafting – year-round.

When | Meets second Tuesday monthly, usually 6 p.m.

Where | Various spots in summer, including:

▪ 2 p.m. Tuesday at Myrtle Beach State Park, Shelter 2, with dinner at 6:30 p.m. (Meal $5 for guests, free for members. Also, park open 6 a.m.-10 p.m. daily, with admission; $5 ages 16 and older, $3.25 S.C. seniors and $3 ages 6-15.)

▪ 5:30 p.m. July 7 in Shelter A in Myrtle Beach’s Grand Park, near ball fields, across lake from Farrow Parkway and The Market Common, including potluck dinner, horseshoe pitching and bocce ball.

How much | Memberships pro-rated to $4 monthly for newcomers, renewal for $48 annually.

Information |

▪ Faith Campbell, president, 455-0606, or email mbcampsoup@outlook.com.

▪ Tom Middleton, 446-2209, or email tom.paradise.realty@hotmail.com.

▪ Jim Malloch, 294-1002, or email malltura@earthlink.net.

▪ www.coastalskiclub.com