Letters to the Editor

Myrtle Beach City Council found way to fleece everyone

Too often we look past deeds that deserve recognition and say nothing. We in Myrtle Beach have witnessed the very successful promotion of our home as an extremely desirable vacation destination. We have spent millions of dollars in an effort to entice visitors to come and take advantage of all that we have to offer, and we have vigorously presented our beaches as the jewel of our offerings.

Letters to the Editor

Hillary is too dangerous to be concerned about Trump’s flaws

Thanks and hats off to Jim Ruth for his column, “I Hate Donald Trump, but I might vote for him,” giving voice to many of us would-be, or wannabe, or maybe, Trump supporters. And also for pointing out the key question - yet to be decided – which is just how long can we stomach Trump’s personal and political foibles in order to stop Hillary Clinton and her Leninist roadies from sinking the country with their brand of narcissistic, self-dealing incompetence?

Letters to the Editor

Allowing the sell of assault weapons makes no sense

Assault weapons have one purpose and one purpose only - to kill as many people as possible in as short a time as possible. The United States is the only country in Western Europe or North America where a citizen can purchase such a weapon, and an overwhelming percentage of Americans support a ban on their sale (we are not allowed to purchase things like hand grenades, bazookas or mortars). Also, the banning of the sale of assault weapons does not effect the Second Amendment rights of citizens to purchase handguns or most types of rifles.

Celia Rivenbark

Making America 8 Again | From the Belle Tower

In his continuing quest to “make America 8 again,” Donald Trump has successfully lowered the level of debate to that of the ubiquitous red-faced bully we all remember from elementary school. Every school has one; it’s practically a Central Casting requirement like “kindly lunchroom lady who gives you extra fries when you look sad” and “abusive gym teacher who won’t accept “leprosy, I swear” as an excuse to get out of laps on a hot day.”

Letters to the Editor

Christ’s love on display in Myrtle Beach

“Thank you” seems inadequate, but it’s the only thing I can do. On our drive to Myrtle Beach, we had some car trouble right in front of Olyphic Baptist Church. We accidentally set off the alarm. Therefore, help would soon arrive – either the police or a church employee.

Bob Bestler

Why doesn’t everyone have a dog?

My dog Wasabi and I were talking the other night — yes, he gets quite chatty when you mention the word “treat” — and in the middle of our conversation I had to ask the question: Why doesn’t everyone have a dog?

Other Opinions

Sen. Scott: Time to come together over race

Our American family is experiencing turmoil we have not seen in a generation. Two weeks ago, a tragedy in Dallas, where five police officers were killed and seven more wounded, closed a disturbing week that began with the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castille. Then, early this past Sunday, three Baton Rouge police officers were ambushed and killed.


Walter Wysk Hosts Asian Exchange Students

Walter Wysk is hosting two 16-year-old exchange students. Yu-Kuei "Arthur" Chen , of Taiwan (right) and Wasawat (Pooh) Wongcharatrawee of Thailand.
Walter Wysk Hosts Asian Exchange Students 1:26

Walter Wysk Hosts Asian Exchange Students

Rena Grant is the Myrtle Beach Pickleball Queen 0:59

Rena Grant is the Myrtle Beach Pickleball Queen

Myrtle Beach weather forecast for July 25 1:22

Myrtle Beach weather forecast for July 25

Myrtle Beach weather forecast for 7.24 1:20

Myrtle Beach weather forecast for 7.24