Letters to the Editor

Updated retirement system will produce better results

At the Retirement System Investment Commission, we are the organization that invests and manages the assets of the State’s five retirement systems. On a daily basis, our organization has the privilege of working exclusively for the members of our system - over 500,000 teachers, firefighters, police officers, state and local employees, retirees, and their families.

Letters to the Editor

Industrial park on the Waccamaw is a bad idea all around

Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority (GSWSA) was recently given state approval to construct an industrial marine “commerce park” in the rural Bucksport community. The project site is located on the banks of the Waccamaw River, right next to the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge. The area is surrounded by the refuge on three sides and sandwiched between the Great Pee Dee and Waccamaw Rivers. This is one of the most natural, beautiful places in our county, and it is an area that is already relied upon heavily by businesses like ours. GSWSA wants to totally change this area by replacing the existing small recreational marina with industrial development related to boat building and other unspecified “support” activities.

Letters to the Editor

Liberalism will kill your newspaper

South Carolina, and more specifically Horry County, overwhelmingly voted for and supported Donald Trump in the recent election. Despite this, your newspaper almost exclusively continues to publish anti-Trump, sore loser editorials and cartoons.


Trump’s defense plans sweet music for Bragg

Donald Trump wasn’t the top presidential vote-getter in Cumberland County on Election Day. He lost by more than 20,000 votes. But if he makes good on the promises he made in Fayetteville Tuesday evening, he'll erase that deficit and be a local hero.

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RedBlueAmerica: Time to end America’s One China policy?

President-elect Donald Trump upended decades of American foreign policy last week when he spoke to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. China considers Taiwan a breakaway province, and American leaders hadn’t spoken directly with Taiwan’s leader since the 1970s – though the U.S. has sold military equipment to the island. Critics said Trump too easily risked China’s anger, but some conservatives said Trump’s action signaled support for democracy.

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What Obama and his successor have in common

The differences between how Donald Trump and Barack Obama express themselves are vast and obvious. Trump is sometimes funny and cheerful, but more often cruel, barbarous, vindictive and vulgar. Obama is none of these things. He is too earnest to be genuinely funny, and it would never occur to him to engage in the kind of raw meanness for which his successor is famous. But reflexive accusations of “moral equivalence” shouldn’t prevent us from acknowledging what Obama and Trump have in common: a searing contempt for their critics.

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Madman of the year

So, Time magazine, ever in search of buzz, this week named Donald Trump Person of the Year. But they did so with a headline that read, “President of the Divided States of America.”

Letters to the Editor

Vast spying powers at Trump’s disposal

President-elect Donald Trump is about to inherit the most powerful surveillance apparatus in history. Combining unprecedented technological capabilities with a lax legal regime, his spying powers dwarf anything the notorious FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover could have fathomed.

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Tweets and theater entertain, but Congress is the main event

WASHINGTON | The most amusing part of the Trump transition has been watching its effortless confounding of the media, often in fewer than 140 characters. One morning, after a Fox News report on lefty nuttiness at some obscure New England college – a flag burning that led a more-contemptible-than-usual campus administration to take down the school’s own American flag – Donald Trump tweets that flag burners should go to jail or lose their citizenship.


Walter Wysk Hosts Asian Exchange Students

Walter Wysk is hosting two 16-year-old exchange students. Yu-Kuei "Arthur" Chen , of Taiwan (right) and Wasawat (Pooh) Wongcharatrawee of Thailand.
Walter Wysk Hosts Asian Exchange Students 1:26

Walter Wysk Hosts Asian Exchange Students

Rena Grant is the Myrtle Beach Pickleball Queen 0:59

Rena Grant is the Myrtle Beach Pickleball Queen

Myrtle Beach weather forecast for 12.10 1:17

Myrtle Beach weather forecast for 12.10

Charleston church shooting timeline 2:02

Charleston church shooting timeline