Five ways to play on Coronado Island

Surf surges against this pristine shore, the white sand dotted picturesquely with red-striped cabanas. A paved footpath leads up to the iconic grand hotel. And it doesn't take much imagination to see Marilyn Monroe on this beach, sun-kissed and windswept in her short white beach robe.


Looking for new attractions in San Francisco? Here are some ideas for travelers

Miniature golf and alcohol, together at last. New lights on the Ferry Building. Fire pits and picnickers on the Presidio's parade lawn. Screaming scarlet walls on Nob Hill. A clamorous neo-Hawaiian feast on Sutter Street and a muted neo-Mexican repast in the Mission District. These things are happening in San Francisco. I found them, and a few other recent changes, on a recent trip. Here's the lowdown.


New Smyrna Beach: More than sandy shores

Situated just 15 miles south of Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach lies just beyond earshot of the rumble of stock cars and Bike Week engines. It's a good thing, too: Packed with history and a subtly hip edge, this seemingly quiet beach town has plenty to say.


Easy Escapes | Wild West awaits in Love Valley

Growing up as a kid watching cowboys become heroes on television, we’ve all had imaginings of what it would be like to ride into town from the trail, hitch our horse to the post, saunter through the swinging doors of the saloon and commune with other characters of the Wild West.


Enjoy a camping adventure in eastern South Carolina

With gardens full of new flowers, it might be a good time for even more outdoor adventure: a camping trip or three. You might be surprised to know that without leaving eastern South Carolina, you can go exploring from mountaintop to seaside. The entire eastern side of South Carolina used to be the ocean floor, and as the sea receded, it left a lot of sand behind … even actual mountains of sand.

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Take a few tips for planning Rome getaway

Looking for a quick getaway before summer? Rome is one of my favorite spring escapes. All of the wonderful sights, flowers and trees are just beginning to bud as if the ancient town is awakening from a winter slumber.


Easy Escapes | Enjoy the gems of West Virginia’s Greenbrier Valley

The section of southeastern West Virginia known as Greenbrier Valley has the strong and lovely Allegheny Mountains and Greenbrier River to thank for its wholesome genes. The gifts of nature are abundant here and call to all who love the outdoors. With the same breath, this area, occupied since before the Revolutionary War, has nurtured a lifestyle and culture that fits perfectly into the landscape around it.


N.C., Jacksonville zoos worthy spring break destinations

Anyone planning family spring break road trips has two humongous zoos — one north and one south — that merit a stop for at least a half-day on their way to a destination. Heading to Walt Disney World or other points in Orlando, Fla.? Swing by the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, right off Interstate 95 and full of large big-cat displays, especally tigers, up close, through glass. Heading north into or through central North Carolina? The N.C. Zoological Park, near Asheboro, south of Greensboro and off I-73/74, is an expanse that will take your breath away for a whole day.


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