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Orchids Surpass Poinsettias

Debbie Menchek, a Clemson Master Gardener, writes this weekly column on how to keep lawns and gardens at their best.

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Who owns a shared fence?

Dear Angie: The fence that encloses my back yard is shared with three other neighbors and is in bad shape. With a shared fence, are maintenance or replacement costs typically also shared?

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5 at-home workouts for when you really don't want to work out

When the alarm goes off and it's all warm and snuggly under your covers and the temperature outside is the exact opposite, getting yourself to the gym becomes a struggle. Couple that with the stress of the holidays, travel, and Netflix's ever-increasing library, and the drive to work out all but disappears. This is why YouTube was invented. When you can't bring yourself to put on athletic shoes and drive yourself to gym, try an at-home workout, courtesy of your laptop. Search for the workout headlines and start moving.

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David Fairchild, chief of the plant hunters

In 1902, David Fairchild was traveling in Asia, looking for mangos that would thrive in the United States. The varieties grown in North America, he said, were inedible, like "juicy balls of fibers soaked with turpentine." He bought big baskets of several varieties, but what he needed to ship home were the seeds, not the whole fruit - and he needed those seeds fast.

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