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On Gardening: Hardy verbena varieties are blooming all-stars

If you love garden fragrance and non-stop bee and butterfly activity, then the sweet almond verbena or tree verbena is a must for your landscape. Those traits, coupled with drought tolerance and ease of growing, were just some of the reasons it was chosen as the Florida Plant of the Year in 2008.

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Living Smart: What causes low water pressure in my house?

Many homeowners have experienced the irritation of dealing with low water pressure in the house at least once. Low water pressure makes simple daily activities, such as showering or washing your dishes, frustrating and time consuming, but finding the cause can be the most irksome aspect of this common plumbing problem.

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Design Recipes: How to define your personal style

Defining personal style for some can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Creating a personal style can also be an evolution. As an ASID interior designer, I am so often faced with clients who don't know where to start. I often ask them to help me determine their design style by asking them to literally rip images from a magazine and use them as inspirational images. It is often a great start, but since often clients don't know how to define their own design style, here are three basic tips to help get started.

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Yardsmart: Take these 4 steps to prevent garden insect infestations

Insect infestations thoroughly creep me out. I'm sure a lot of moms out there feel the same way after kiddo brings head lice home from school. I can handle a few grasshoppers and other bugs in my vegetable garden, but when a single species develops into large populations, my skin crawls. Once bugs reach infestation levels on your vegetables they not only defoliate your plants and spread diseases, they can kill the crop when numbers get high enough. This is the organic farmer's worst-case scenario because it's nearly impossible to knock down an infestation without pesticides.

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Test-driving a flower ID app

It's an awesome idea: an app that will identify a plant just by a photo. Perfect for snapping pics when touring gardens or wondering whether you should let that volunteer flower have a permanent home in your garden. So when the LikeThat Garden app recently added a version for Android devices, I was more than ready to try it out.

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Plumber: Special bathtubs have cornered the market

Q: Dear Ed, we have a master bathroom with a large walk-in closet area. We plan to turn part of this area into a small bathroom, complete with a bathtub. Since floor area in the new bathroom will be tight, what type of space-saving bathtub could you recommend we look into?

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Home Fix: How to keep an attic cool

Q: I was reading one of your postings recently that had to do with roof venting. I have a question that you may, or may not, be able to help me with. We have a home in Raleigh, N.C., built in the '30s. It has a beautiful slate roof. It underwent major renovation and additions about eight years ago, all of which also had matching slate applied. Well, on these hot days, the upstairs in the original part of the house has trouble cooling. I noticed there are no powered through-the-roof fans as we had in our previous home. It gets mighty hot in the attic as there does not appear to be any ventilation up there. Do you recommend these powered roof fans to attempt cooling the attic? The heavy-duty slate roof potentially complicates any type of installation I would think.

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Silk-screened wallpaper melds different design traditions

A certain wunderkammer - or "cabinet of curiosities" - aesthetic defines the hand-printed wallpaper, fabric and tile of Grow House Grow. The Brooklyn-based design studio, helmed by Katie Deedy, specializes in "narrative-inspired pattern work" that's playful, referential and unexpected. In any given piece, there's more than meets the eye.


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