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Yardsmart: Mistletoe is a monster inside trees

Episodes of "Monsters Inside Me" on Animal Planet demonstrate how internal parasites can slowly drag a human being down over many years' time. It got me motivated to finally cut the mistletoe out of my big mesquite tree. This weird plant the ancient Celts called "a different twig" is forgotten outside the Christmas season, but in times of drought, it should be a top concern for everyone with trees in the yard. Just as with people, stress can exacerbate the negative effects of parasites, increasing their ability to damage the plant host.

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Design Recipes: 5 decorator items that can sink a sale

With the summer selling season in full swing, many homeowners are looking to sell their homes in what remains overall a vibrant selling market. Those looking to sell their homes for top dollar in the quickest amount of time also need to keep the wishes of potential buyers at the top of their minds. When it comes time to sell a property, it is no longer someone's home but a product on the market that will be compared with other products. Some designer or decorator items that served a seller well and they enjoyed while living in the home may be potential negatives when it comes time to sell.

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Plumber: Setting the bar for a high-end faucet

Q: Dear Ed, I am installing a wet bar in my finished basement. I'm planning on a granite countertop with an under-mounted bar sink. My question is with the faucet. I don't want the standard candy cane-type bar faucet. I'm looking for something like a high spout, pull-out type kitchen faucet. But, a kitchen faucet is a little too big for the area. Any suggestions?

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Garden products to help us enjoy the summer

The promise of spring - tender seedlings, the first sight of a butterfly, that itch to dig in the dirt - has turned into the realities of summer. We face hours of yard work, our feeders are pillaged by hungry squirrels, and clouds of voracious mosquitoes darken the sky. Thankfully, there are solutions to those problems. And there are other nifty products out there to enhance one's outdoor experience. Here are a few:

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Style at Home: Get personal in your interior design

A favorite part of my job is helping customers turn their houses into homes, truly unique dwellings that reflect their personality. So when Ann arrived scouting for furnishings and inspiration to put her stamp on the historic home she and husband Wally had just bought, we were excited to help. I want to invite you into Ann and Wally's beautiful library because it is a great illustration of an important credo: Make your interior design personal. Here's how these homeowners did just that, and the results are stunning. Come on in ...


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