Game review: Pacing in 'Destiny's House of Wolves' expansion better than previous campaigns

The lead-up to the release of "Destiny's House of Wolves" expansion has been met with mostly cautious excitement considering "The Dark Below" felt like it was a tacked-on experience to the original game. The galaxy-expanding adventure we all thought Bungie would take us on in "The Dark Below" never happened, and recently, "The House of Wolves" was released. Based on all of the information Bungie revealed over the past few weeks, it appears to be the experience we all were hoping Destiny's first expansion would be. But as Guardians, we enter the "House of Wolves" cautiously as we attempt to earn the riches and favor of The Queen.

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On Gardening: Agastache is an underexposed winner for many gardeners

The agastache comes with a lot of common names like anise hyssop, giant hyssop and hummingbird mint, but, I assure you, "outstanding," will be one of your adjectives if you grow it. About a year ago I wrote about Black Adder which was and still is dazzling in our garden. It became the perfect backdrop in our daylily garden, helping show off all other colors.


Parents @ Play: New Nintendo will be hot for sweltering days ahead

With the start of summer right around the corner and hot days already popping up in various parts of the country, you know there are bound to be a few days when it's just too hot to go outside. There will also be times when, despite your promise to never use technology as a babysitter, you'll need the kids to chill out quietly. For those crazy hot days and 5-hour flights, check out these new games for the kids - and yourself.


Pampered pets enjoy the suite life: 130-room resort opens for cats, dogs

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Soft music plays in the lobby as guests check in at the front desk. Chandeliers dangle from the ceilings of suites, where visitors lounge on memory-foam beds and watch cable on flat-screen TVs. Blueberry facials, Brazilian waxes and aromatherapy baths are among the treatments available in the gleaming spa.


Schools make moves to include women, minorities on required reading lists

When you think of the books that are read and taught in high schools across the country, what are the first titles that come to mind? "The Great Gatsby," "Lord of the Flies," "The Catcher in the Rye" and "Of Mice and Men" probably flood your memory. The authors of these books - F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Golding, J.D. Salinger and John Steinbeck, respectively - have something in common: They're all white men.


3 easy ways to get the news

Juggling school, activities, chores and friends is hard enough, so how can teens be expected to read a newspaper cover to cover or sit and watch the nightly news for an hour? Never fear - here are three quick, creative ways to get your daily dose of news!


Lean In: Simmons, student, educator and activist

When I accepted a Harry S. Truman Scholarship - a graduate school scholarship for college juniors who show leadership potential and have an interest in government or public sector service - I also accepted the fact that I would need to enroll in graduate school within four years of my college graduation (the maximum scholarship deferral period). As a college junior, four years seemed like a long time. However, when those four years were up, I found myself conflicted, having to decide between staying in the classroom and pursuing graduate school.

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Ask Mr. Dad: Time to volunteer and take the kids

Dear Mr. Dad: I have to admit that my wife and I have been a bit self-centered in our adult lives, focusing on our work, earning money and supporting the family. We've done quite well financially, and we've both decided that we should start giving something back to our community. We want to get our kids involved, too, but they're pretty young - only 5 and 7. Honestly, I don't even know where to start. Are the kids too young? And what's the best way to get going?

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