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On Gardening: Some great possibilities for winter growing

The last few weeks I have touting if not celebrating the arrival of pansy and viola planting season. No matter where you live there is a season for pansies and other cool season flowers. There are, however, those neighborhoods where the deer roam nightly and gardeners feel like the cool season is a lost cause.


Southern charm on the sound

At over 300 years old and still one of the prettiest towns in America, Edenton, N.C., may well have invented southern charm. The views across Edenton Bay and the Albemarle Sound, tree-lined streets, lovely waterfront parks and the many fine examples of Jacobean, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, and Victorian homes define southern elegance. It’s a town that drifts through time with grace.

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More than a number: Colleges that don't require test scores

There has always been controversy surrounding the use of standardized testing in the college application process. While some feel it's necessary to include scores, others think that colleges can't truly get a sense of who a student is just by how he or she performs on a test. A person could be a wonderful student but still have a bad experience on test day.

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5 at-home workouts for when you really don't want to work out

When the alarm goes off and it's all warm and snuggly under your covers and the temperature outside is the exact opposite, getting yourself to the gym becomes a struggle. Couple that with the stress of the holidays, travel, and Netflix's ever-increasing library, and the drive to work out all but disappears. This is why YouTube was invented. When you can't bring yourself to put on athletic shoes and drive yourself to gym, try an at-home workout, courtesy of your laptop. Search for the workout headlines and start moving.


Values of Jesus fit today's left

Jesus was a liberal. He sided with underdogs. He championed little people, not the privileged and powerful. "Blessed are the poor" was one of his maxims. He told a noble: "Sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor."

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