A new book shows how Buddhism tenets can help in a partnership

Sarah Napthali is well-versed in the ways Buddhism can improve day-to-day living. After several books, including Buddhism for Mothers and Buddhism for Parents on the Go, the Australian author has trained her sights on relationships. She has been with her spouse for more than 20 years and is the mother of two teenage boys, so she has much to say about weaving spirituality into the day-to-day challenges of a romantic partnership.


Lean In: Janice Ringler, student

I was born and raised in Hawaii, where I learned to appreciate and respect a diversity of cultures as a member of its thriving Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Most of my classmates stayed in Hawaii for college or went to schools on the West Coast, but I decided to broaden my horizons by attending Purdue University in Indiana. While there, I discovered my ethnicity made me a rarity - a minority - which I had never experienced back home.


How women in sports are changing the game

For years, the phrase "like a girl" has been commonly used to describe someone who is weak, slow or lacking athletic ability. In June 2014, in order to combat this negative stereotype, Always released an ad campaign that made everyone start to think about that phrase a little differently. The campaign showed the harmful effects of implying that women are less capable simply because of their gender.

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On Gardening: Beebalm species are a magnet for flying creatures

If you are into bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, then by all means put the monarda or beebalm species at the top of your must-plant list. I find it amusing that in more than 20 years of garden writing, I've never touted a beebalm. I've always loved the scarlet beebalm, Monarda didyma, especially when hummingbirds come into feed. When examined close-up, the scarlet beebalm looks like nature's version of spectacular fireworks. The last few years however have been like a life lesson as other species have caught my attention with their ability to attract pollinators.


Parents @ Play: We're baaaack . . . in school

Back to school is a crazy time of year, and not many parents relish all the last-minute shopping for supplies. But no matter what your kids need for school this year, they'll definitely need a backpack to haul it around in. Here are some fun and functional choices for your students.


In home church, archbishop dons his symbol of office from Rome

CHICAGO - After a circle of white wool was placed around his shoulders to symbolize his role as shepherd of the local church, Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich called the garment a constant reminder that he and his flock should reach out to those who are broken and suffering. Called a pallium, the garment has a rich history in the Catholic Church, and the ceremony took a different turn for Cupich and his congregation because of a decision by Pope Francis earlier this year to bestow the vestment in the archbishop's home church, not in Rome.

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