Summer camp planning gets into full gear

With just a month left for school bells to ring, we give our annual sampling of summer camps coming up, so parents can have a jump start on lining up fun stuff for youngsters this summer. They range from sports to arts to a motorsports camp at a charter high school.


Make a splash: You can play in the rain in style

Here's a selection of waterproof or resistant accessories to keep you dry this season. Also, use products like water repellent wax and oil to keep your denim, cotton, leather and canvas items protected. With these items, you can feel confident to go outside and make a big splash in the rain!


Students try to reclaim identity

Baltimore students staged mostly peaceful mass protests Wednesday to reclaim an image that was tarnished when scenes of young people hurling bricks and bottles at police officers this week were broadcast around the world.


Game review: 'Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China,' the art of war

As a game originally inspired by "Prince of Persia," the "Assassin's Creed" series might be coming full circle with "Assassin's Creed Chronicles," a series of 2.5D platforming action games that tell tales that aren't necessarily related to the ongoing storyline of the main series. "Chronicles: China" has greater depth than similar side-scrollers along with an art style that gives it a unique personality of its own. While it suffers from a few quirks, it is a remarkable experience that livens up the series.

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8 things you should know before college

You've memorized your future university's fight song, found a cool roommate and started buying dorm decor (and maybe a year's supply of ramen). But what are you missing? Don't forget about these eight life skills you should absolutely have before leaving for school this fall.


Can high school couples make the jump?

College is the time to discover passions, develop independence and experience new opportunities. While many teens see college as their chance to start anew, they also face an uncomfortable reality when it comes to relationships after graduation. Should couples stay together or call it quits?


The hidden cost of college

The cost of higher education has skyrocketed over the last 30 years, and now experts are warning teens about another hidden cost. While most statistics focus on rising tuition fees, new research is taking a closer look at living expenses.

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