Pet Vet: Pug's missing hair, itchy skin could be mange from mites

Hadley is a 6-month-old pug dog with a skin problem. His caretakers, Forest and Sherry, have had him since he was 8 weeks old and noticed recently that he is developing patches of missing hair on his body, some of which show reddened skin. Hadley seems otherwise unaffected although Sherry reports he does seem itchy. He has been treated with a flea preventative and, according to Forest and Sherry, he has no fleas.


Animal Island: Baby gate may keep dog from marking territory

Q: We recently obtained a 15-month-old rescue dog, a Shiba Inu mix, who likes to mark the bottom carpeted stair that leads to our finished basement each time we leave the house. His new trainer believes he is insecure and has suggested placing his own pet bed in the area he uses for his indoor toilet. It worked one time. He continues to leg-lift there. How do we stop this annoying habit?


Bei Bei the baby panda learns to climb a tree

Bei Bei the baby panda climbs a tree with a little help and instruction from mom at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Bei Bei struggled with his first attempt at climbing on his first trip outside to play last week. This time, mom decided some 'paw's on' help was in order.


Chicago area's Muslim youth fight stereotypes, suspicion

GLENVIEW, Ill. - Aasiyah Bhaiji knew the boys in her class were just clowning around, but their words stung just the same. As they headed inside from an ultimate Frisbee game at Springman Middle School in Glenview, Ill., one of them wrapped his team's colors around his head like a turban.


Ask Mr. Dad: Is it OK to defend your family with martial arts?

Dear Mr. Dad: Every day there's a story in the news about violence - whether it's a terrorist, a mass shooter, or some other nut job. I feel bad for the victims of this violence, but I'm also feeling extremely helpless. I'm thinking about signing all of us up for some kind of martial arts lessons but I don't want to teach my kids to be violent. I read in one of your columns that you have a background in martial arts. Do you recommend a particular style?

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Lori Borgman: Stay calm and color on

The only coloring books I had as a kid were of Cinderella. When I heard that six of the 20 top-selling books on Amazon are adult coloring books, I thought they were updates of Cinderella these many years later.


Ex-etiquette: It's not about you it's about the business of raising a child

Q: My husband has an eight-year-old son from a one night stand that happened years before we met. Because the parents were never together - no marriage, no divorce, no relationship at all, does that change the need to follow the rules of good ex-etiquette? While I understand co-parenting philosophically and we are cordial at the child's sporting events, I don't think "the rules" necessarily apply to us. Are there any exceptions for this scenario?

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Have a heart

Here's a creative project where a little waiting has a big payoff: Kids use colored glue to create glasslike suncatchers that really shine.

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Style at Home: Romancing your home

Valentine's Day is lots of fun, by why reserve the romance for just one day of the year? It's so easy to make your daily life more romantic just by adding a few special touches to your decorating. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

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