Fox to go coy on overnight ratings

On Jan. 24, Fox will present the first new episode of sci-fi cult hit "The X-Files" in almost 14 years. Premiering after the always high-rated NFC championship game, it's likely to be one of the most watched TV episodes of the season.


Internet sensations make jump to Hulu

The Internet has become a major source of new talent. It's a way to see performers and those creating online products before taking a chance on them with a TV production. Those who make television shows also know that an Internet sensation will bring a loyal audience with them.


Master P has master plan for reality show

Move over Cookie, Master P wants to show the world what a real music "Empire" looks like. The music mogul is opening the doors to his family home for the Reelz series "Master P's Family Empire."

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Kenny Rogers says he knows when to walk away

Kenny Rogers is calling from somewhere. He's not really sure where. Nova Scotia? "It's as far north as you can get without being at the North Pole," says Rogers, who is out promoting his new album, "Once Again It's Christmas," on the second-to-last tour of his life. Rogers, 77, will retire after a farewell tour next year, to spend more time with his 11-year-old twin sons and his fifth wife, Wanda.

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Coldplay's Chris Martin finds renewal in Los Angeles

Chris Martin has lived in Los Angeles long enough to speak enthusiastically about his spiritual teachers and about the benefits of cutting sugar and dairy from his diet. But the Coldplay frontman hasn't been here long enough to know that the guys handing out DVDs on the Venice boardwalk want you to pay for them.


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'Concussion' tackles NFL players' brain injuries head on

Peter Landesman knows what it's like to get knocked in the head so hard you see stars. Before he was an investigative journalist and a filmmaker, Landesman played high school and college football as a center and a linebacker. Play after play, he found himself on the front line of the game's most violent moments. And he loved it.

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