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'Where to Invade Next' review: Michael Moore aims to make America better

Michael Moore's wry first-person documentary "Where to Invade Next," his first since 2009 and "Capitalism: A Love Story," isn't what it sounds like. The title suggests a cry, or a typically ironic Moore screed, against the history and dangers of recent U.S. foreign policy. But Moore's latest goes a different direction. It follows one goofball firebrand's "invasion" of a few choice countries abroad where the spending priorities and social safety nets are more to his liking, and offer plenty to envy.

Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: 'Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong' is a pleasant trip to nowhere in particular

It's hard to watch "Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong," in which a man and a woman meet randomly in a major city and talk their way into a deeper relationship, and not think of Richard Linklater's lovestruck 'Before Sunrise.' By that considerable yardstick, this less incisive romance comes up short. Yet, as both a valentine to new love and Hong Kong's Cantonese cosmopolitanism, it's a breezily enjoyable and heartfelt travelogue.

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