Recreation highlights, April 23


300 Games

Sal Marsicano Jr. | Marsicano had another 300 game for a 746 series with the Surfside Classic.

280-299 Games

Patrick Martin | Martin had the first eleven strikes before leaving one pin for a 299 game and 781 series in the Fun Bunch League at Surfside.

Steve Paulsen | Paulsen rolled a ten strike 289 game for a 717 series with the Keglers Cash Challenge at Waccamaw.

Ken Shealy | Shealy bowled ten strikes for a 289-772 set in the Little River Classic.

Dennis Jacques | Jacques rolled ten strikes for a 288 game with the Surfside Classic.

Andy Bennett | Bennett had eleven strikes for a 280 game and 783 series in the Little River Classic.

Bobby Hamlet | Hamlet bowled eleven strikes for a 280 game with the South Beach Classic at Surfside.

John Perritt | Pettitt rolled eleven strikes for a 280 game and 719 series in the South Beach Classic at Surfside.

Youth 600 & 700 Series

Andrew Diley | Diley rolled the high series for the youths with games of 267, 235 and 223 for a 725 with the Surfside Youth.

Madison Janack | Thirteen year old Janack had high game for the Surfside Youths with 278-709 set.

Jeremy Masher | Masher bowled 661 with a high game of 225 in the Surfside Youths.

Joshua Manz | Manz rolled a 233-655 set with the Surfside Youths.


From the scoresheets | Phil Moyer had high series of the week with a 785 in the Little River Classic...High for the women was Betty Brown with 265-693 in the Heritage League at Surfside...Women’s high game was 268-652 by Karen Brown with the Surfside Classic.




Steve Harrington

| Harrington scored an eagle on the 317-yard, par 4 eighth hole at International Club on April 18 using a driver and 8-iron.


Darryl Morris

| Morris scored an eagle on the 483-yard, par 5 12th hole at Whispering Pines on April 9 using his driver, 5-iron and pitching wedge.


Iris Parr

| Parr had an eagle on the 200-yard, par 4 third hole at The Valley at Eastport on April 12 using a 6-iron and sand wedge.


Ed Powelson

| Powelson eagled the 302-yard, par 4 18th hole at Whispering Pines on April 8 using an 6-iron and 2-iron.


Maureen Spada

| Spada shot an eagle on the 275-yard, par 4 16th hole of the Maples course at Sea Trail Resort on April 17 using a driver and sand wedge.


Tim Weyand

| Weyand, of Pittsburgh, eagled the 445-yard, par 5 third hole at Wachesaw East on April 17 using a driver, 3 wood and putter.


Ed Schroeder | Schroeder, 64, scored a hole-in-one on the 136-yard, par 3 14th hole at International Golf Club on April 10 using a 6-iron.