Recreation Highlights (Nov. 1)


Ladies 700 series


Michelle Kochanski

| Kochanski rolled games of 247, 237 and 223 for a 707 series with the Surfside Classic.

Youth 600-700 series


Austin Smothers

| Smothers rolled a 617 series with high game of 223 with the Surfside Great Whites.


Patrick Christenson

| Christenson had a 243 game and 616 series in the Surfside Great Whites.

280-299 Games


Grant Ramberg

| Ramberg rolled the first eleven strikes for a 298 game and weeks high series of 772 with the Surfside Classic.


Hollie Wicker


Wicker bowled the last eleven strikes for a 290 game and 761 series for the Heritage League at Surfside Beach.


Richard LaRiviere

| LaRiviere had ten strikes for a 284 game in the South Beach Classic at Surfside Beach.


Sean Harrelson

| Harrelson bowled an eleven strike 280 game for a 705 series with the Surfside Classic.



From the scoresheets

| Karen Brown had a nice 247-688 set with the Wednesday Fun League at Waccamaw.




John Cain


John Cain eagled the 445-yard par-5 at Wachesaw East, using a driver, a 5 rescue club, and a putter from 18 ft.


Ralph Ferrara

| Ralph Ferrara shot an eagle on the 402-yard par-5,17th hole. He used a 5 wood, a 5 iron, and a wedge.


Bill Reichling

| Reichling of Georgetown shot an Eagle 3 on the ninth hole at The International Club on October 25. He used a driver, 4 iron and a 6 iron from 150 yards.


Don Studds

| On October 26 at Possum Trot, Don Studds eagled the 425-yard, par-5 18th hole, using a driver, 7 wood and putter.