Recreation Highlights (Oct. 4)


Youth 600-700 Series


Austin Smothers

| Smothers rolled a 659 series with high game of 276 in the Surfside Great Whites.


Brandon Gaumond

| Gaumond continued his fine bowling in the Youth Middle High League at Waccamaw where he had a 259-642 set.


Conner Hudson

| Hudson had a 618 series with games of 243 and 209 for the Surfside Great Whites.


Kyle Burkhart

| Burkhart bowled 214-611 with the Surfside Great Whites.

300 Games


Steve Mills

| Mills rolled a perfect 300 game in the South Beach Classic at Surfside Beach for 754 series.


Dennis Riebesell

| Riebesell also had a 300 game in the South Beach Classic at Surfside Beach for a 776 series.

280-299 Games


Donnie Greathouse

| Greathouse rolled the first eleven strikes for a 299 game and 707 series with the Cimerron Rollers at Surfside Beach.


Tony Pryor

| Pryor had the first eleven strikes for a 299 game with the South Beach Classic at Surfside Beach.


Scott Lewis

| Lewis bowled the first eleven strikes for a 298 game and 713 series in Arch’s Classic at Surfside Beach.


Jamie Holliday

| Holliday rolled a ten strike 282 game with Marie’s Odd Couples at Waccamaw.



From the score sheets

| Sean O’Brien was 191 pins over his 176 average when he rolled a 719 series in Marie’s Odd Couples at Waccamaw ... James Lewis, bowling at a 116 average, rolled a 505 series in the Keglers Cash Challenge at Waccamaw.




Bill Grennan |

Grennan eagled the 445 par-5 3rd hole at Wachesaw East golf club on September 23 using driver, 3 wood to 1 inch .


Jerry McGraw |

McGraw shot an eagle on the par-4, 275-yd. 5th hole at Crown Park on September 28. He used his driver and his putter.


Marti Kennedy

| Kennedy shot her second career eagle on the 331-yard, par-5 3rd hole on September 28 at the Byrd Course using a Driver, 6 Iron and Putter.



Larry Byrd

| Byrd shot a hole-in-one from the gold tees on the 138-yd. 6th hole at Island Green Country Club.


Dennis Harney

| Harney shot a hole-in-one from 131 yds. on September 28 at Crown Park Golf Course using his 5 iron.


Jan Louthain |

Louthain shot a hole-in-one on September 28 at playing in a Club 25 Tournament on the 90-yd. 5th hole at Thistle Golf Club. He used his 5 hybrid.



Bud Lincoln

| Lincoln,78 shot a 71 at Crown Park on September 28.