High School Football

Myrtle Beach quarterback Golson to miss at least two weeks

MYRTLE BEACH -- What was suspected last Friday is now official.

Myrtle Beach star quarterback Everett Golson is not available for at least two weeks after injuring his left hand and left foot in unrelated injuries sustained during last Friday’s loss to Byrnes.

Seahawks coach Mickey Wilson was relatively reticent prior to Tuesday’s practice. But he did say that – much like quarterback Mykal Moody at Conway – Golson would be out of Friday’s contest no matter the importance of the game.

“We’re looking out for him and his best interest,” Wilson said.

“He has a bright future beyond high school. We’re going to do what’s best for him first.”

Golson, a North Carolina football commit, was not at the start of Tuesday’s practice, although he showed up later and offered some words of encouragement to several teammates.

The injury to Golson’s foot – it was originally believed to be his ankle – occurred when he was sacked two plays before the end of the first half. Wilson said the hand injury happened early on in the game.

“He’s a tough sucker; he’s tough,” Wilson said. “He played with his hand hurt for a long time in the first half, which really says a lot about him. I’ve always known he’s tough. He really showed a lot of guts.

“He’s going to have to go through some rehab. He’ll be fine at some point. We’re just not sure when, yet.”

Golson’s mother, Cynthia, said that she had yet to speak with her son when reached for comment late in the afternoon, so she didn’t know specifics. However, both she and Wilson confirmed Golson had seen a doctor earlier in the day.

The school released a short news release saying Golson would be out “several weeks.”

With Golson out, highly regarded backup Mitch Campbell will be making the first start of his career for Myrtle Beach. Wilson informed him of his new status prior to addressing the rest of the team with the Golson news.

Campbell, a senior, played the entire second half against Byrnes and nearly the entire second half against Carolina Forest during a blowout Week 1 victory.

“Myrtle Beach is Everett Golson, basically,” Campbell said Tuesday after practice. “I just have to do the best that I can to fill his position.”

Against Byrnes, Campbell was 8-for-21 passing for 128 yards and threw a touchdown pass and an interception; against Carolina Forest, he was 10-for-12 for 106 yards and two touchdowns.

Golson was 28-for-43 for 429 yards combined in the two games, including a 315-yard, four-touchdown performance against the Panthers.

Conway’s Moody out, too

Conway sophomore quarterback Mykal Moody, who sprained his right ankle in a Week 1 loss to Summerville, will miss his second straight game when Conway travels to Socastee this week.

“He’s probably several weeks out. We’re just not sure what that time frame is,” Conway coach Chuck Jordan said. “He’s not going to playing this week. I know that.”

Moody rushed for 226 yards and three touchdowns in the team's first two games – of which he basically played a little more than one half in each. He's been the focal point of the offense since he was given the job prior to his freshman season.

“In Mykal’s case, he may play football beyond high school,” Jordan said. “I don’t want him limping around for the next five years because I rushed him.”

Conway will start back-up quarterback Robert Nelson against Socastee, and it appears Nelson will also start against Marlboro County on Sept. 17. Of course, the rivalry game with Myrtle Beach falls on Sept. 24. The Tigers may not know Moody's status for that game until that week.