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Dear Reader | The welcome return of Issac Bailey’s column; Flexing our video muscles to tell the stories of the Myrtle Beach area

In case you missed it, Issac Bailey’s column and blog posts are back and based on the calls and emails I received when he left for his fellowship at Harvard, I know many of you will be relieved.

I also know that some of you will be dismayed, but I hope if you are in that camp, you at least will read his work with an open mind and remember that the role of any columnist is to challenge you to think about your own perceptions and consider alternatives. The goal is not to convince you to change your own strongly held beliefs.

His first column ran on Sunday, and they will appear on Sundays and Thursdays through mid-August when he will physically return to our area. He is remaining in Boston because Harvard asked him to teach a class, and it seemed wrong to tell him he had to turn down such an opportunity when technology would allow him to rejoin our readership even while he is still “up nawth.”

If you didn’t see Sunday’s column, you can read it online here: http://tinyurl.com/nkr9s25. He also will be writing daily on his “A Different World” blog, which you can find at www.myrtlebeachonline.com/1520/index.html.

Videos and journalism

Being able to provide our online viewers/readers with a video component to our coverage is just one of many opportunities our new technology provides for today’s journalists.

It is also one of our challenges.

News organizations, especially those with their roots in print media, have been trying to find the video sweet spot for a few years, recognizing the possibilities but having neither the video storytelling skills nor the time to learn them to make the technology work for us.

That is changing dramatically across the industry and in our own newsroom. Reporters and photographers now shoot videos, sometimes as part of other coverage and other times as a standalone component of an area event.

For example, we recently captured Montel Williams as he made impassioned and impromptu comments about health care in the nation’s Veterans Administration system. That video was shared to so many viewers that Fox News requested and received permission to air it. As of Tuesday, it had been viewed more than 119,000 times.

You can watch our videos from our site, whether you are viewing us on a laptop, desk top, tablet or phone. But you can also subscribe (no, it doesn’t cost anything) directly to our YouTube channel so you get alerts on whatever we post, whether it is breaking news, officials sounding off on Bikefest, area team sports action or even, yes, cute pets. You can subscribe through a link on any of our videos, or by going directly to YouTube and searching for “The Sun News.”

Now I can not only say thanks for reading The Sun News, but thanks for watching us as well. And thanks in advance for your comments.