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Blog | Handcuffed black teen helps save white police officer’s life

Caring for people isn’t a one-way street. Police officers aren’t the only ones saving people’s lives.

Sometimes they need to be saved, like here:

Handcuffed teen helps save officer’s life


Why police officers and black men need each other

Myrtle Beach police could have shot gun-wielding suspect - but didn’t

The issues at the heart of the unrest over the past few months are serious and must be dealt with. We must not turn away, even though many of us seem to crave comfort and calm more than justice.

But as we deal with them, we must not forget our common humanity.

Note: I’m identifying the race of the individuals primarily because we seem to only use racial identifiers when things go wrong.

To counteract that, sometimes we need to make sure we do the same when things go well.