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Blog | Remember scary Ebola? There are zero cases in the U.S. while deaths remain at one.

Remember those days the U.S. was about to be over-run and undone by the spreading Ebola virus?

Yeah, me neither.

False Ebola scare in North Carolina reveals irrational fear

Last week was such a long time ago.

The quiet end to the Ebola panic:

The news out of New York brings the grand total of Ebola cases currently in the U.S. back down to zero. For now, the borderline hysteria that began with the arrival, diagnosis, and subsequent death, of Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas is resembling so many other crises of the moment, in with a bang and out with a whimper. While the U.S. response faltered at the outset, with the misdiagnosis of Duncan and then with inconsistent public-health protocols from federal and state officials, the nation's superior medical care ultimately prevailed: All three Ebola patients whose infections were quickly and properly diagnosed have been cured, and no one with whom they came into contact has reported symptoms.

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